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Trust me…. I’m a Doctor

As an avid follower of many online groups and forums I often see inquiries on people who are looking for advice on firearms, gear and/or ammo. While looking for options is never a bad thing, taking advice from a complete stranger or even a trusted friend or family member is not always the best idea. We have four members who are taking turns writing this blog and I can guarantee that if you were to pose the question on what would be the perfect carry pistol, you would get 4 different answers!

I’m not attempting to say that any of the answers would be incorrect but if you were to go and sit at the gun counter at any local gun shop, it wouldn’t take long to see that some people will buy whatever someone is selling, hook, line and sinker. If you or someone you know is in the market the best thing to do is go to an indoor range and try out different pistols. Personal preference of the salesman or associate should not be the only deciding factor on a purchase. The right firearm to own is the firearm you can use! By saying “use” I mean a firearm that fits your hand and one you can put lead on target.

Contrary to popular belief, there are far more options than the desert eagle or glock that is glorified in most movies! Don’t be afraid to fire multiple different firearms at the range, after all that is what they are intended for! Once you are able to narrow down a weapon that works for you, there are a few different necessities that one will need. Now if this pistol is going to be something that you are going to everyday carry a decent belt is highly recommended. A good rigid belt works best for everyday carry. I personally have tried everything from your $12 dickies Walmart special to the $100 Boxer Tactical Apogee gun belt. From my experience I like either my HSG (high speed gear) or Boxer Tactical. Why spend that much on a belt? I used to always just buy the “Walmart special” but let me tell ya, it is ALWAYS a pain when they fail. It usually happens when least expected and you’re not at home or near somewhere with another belt readily available. My issues were always where the belt buckle itself ripped from the belt. Was it from the excess weight from the firearm or my ever expanding waist? Your guess is as good as mine. After burning through a few belts I decided to get all “tacticool” and purchase a legit gun belt. This was a decision that changed everyday carry for me. The belts are usually overbuilt… hell that high speed gear one you could probably use to tow a vehicle with! The rigidity of the belt also supports the firearm well and you will notice that your firearm seems lighter! With a cheaper belt I always had to cinch it tight in order to keep my pistol from drooping or tipping out which is what I believe caused the issues with the buckles. Once again it is all about preference and it is probably something you have to try and not take my word for. Just as pistol purchasing, you have to go with what works for you.

For anyone looking to check out different pistols and or gear, we are always more than willing to let you check out ours or even go to the range with you and let you run them for yourselves. Between the four of us, we have plenty of different makes, models and sizes to get that ball rolling.


Brad Michael – 2017


My View from Here…

According to current cell phone network providers, 72% of the population has a smart phone with internet service connected to it in the United states alone. When we had dial-up internet we would wait for 8 minutes to look at Encyclopedia Britannica so that we would have the chance to plagiarize something crudely and maybe get a B+ on that report that we were supposed to have done yesterday. Now within 3 seconds we can have a Wikipedia back up and be an expert right this very instant… Yet we still hear the same crap regurgitated over and over again. That may be fine for the greater part of the population, but not for us. If you (like myself) spend your days trying to fill your hat rack with real knowledge, then I’m sure that you too get tired of hearing the same false truths.

So I’m going to kick out a few fun facts that you may or may not know in hopes that when some bumbling wikipedidiot states trying to drop some serious knowledge on you, you can fire back, and have their thumbs working overtime to check your sources. 20121221-christmasstory

  • The Christmas Story would have been pretty lame if in the original story Ralphie would have asked for a wind mill! The company Daisy Outdoor Products sold windmills and gave a complementary BB guns with every purchase. The BB guns became so popular that they stopped selling windmills and started selling BB guns. (Yes I bought my son a red ryder BB gun for Christmas, and yes I was more excited about it then he was. But after he gets to be as old as I am, and after he has shot as many thousands of BB’s as I have, he will have a better understanding of why I was the one that wanted to bundle up and head outside to attempt to “shoot my eye out”.)
  • f112abebbd694a0c3e41ebbef42b4f10Bond was actually a Beretta man before he ever changed to the PPK. James Bond originally used a Beretta 418 until a fan of the novels (and small arms expert) told Ian Fleming that the Beretta was nothing more then a small semi auto preferred by ladies. Fleming (taking the hint, before he caught more flak) wrote a scene in Dr. No to detail the exchange and give Bond his Walther PPK (and Just think, if Bond hadn’t carried the Walther, we would only know the PPK as the gun that Killed Hitler (also a fact))
  • 39d0c26093c9e4c11ca3c22ad6a8377fThe (former) most interesting man in the world has a name…  Its actually Jonathan Goldsmith. (Ok so what the hell does that have to do with cool gun stuff?) Have you ever seen the movie “The Shootist” with John Wayne? Goldsmith is actually the bad guy who gets shot between the eyes by John Bernard “J.B.” Books (John Wayne)! If your not impressed by that, think about the fact that back then CGI was non-existent, so he was actually getting shot between the eyes (it took 7 takes) with a specially made pistol that fired blood pellets. If that isn’t a little bit scary to be on the receiving end of, I don’t know what is. I don’t always get shot in the face, but when I do, its always by The Duke. Stay armed my friends.
  • gaston-glock-circa-1988Glocks were designed to be shot left handed. No wait, the guy who invented the Glock originally made curtain rods… Wait, let me explain. Gaston Glock originally made curtain rods and knives for the The Austrian military, in 1980 he purchased a plastic injection molding machine to make handles and sheaths for the knives. He hired 4 employees (who had previously worked at a camera company, creating plastic parts) and ran the whole operation out of his garage. Upon hearing that the Austrian military would be in need of a new service pistol (replacing the Walther p38) He went to the drawing board. At 52 years old (and only 1 year after setting out to do so) he had created his first pistol, patented it, and got a contract for 220,000-something units.Good bye curtain rods, hello small arms manufacturer. Now to the Left handed part. What the Austrian military liked about the pistol was that it was durable, accurate, had ammunition capacity, and was ambidextrous. What they didn’t know was that while prototyping his pistol, he test fired all rounds in his basement, left handed, so just in case he experienced violent disassembly and catastrophic failure he would still be able to design right handed. I guess if I was gonna lose a hand I would choose my left one too.
  • hunting-meme-deerHunters have done more for the environment then any number of tree huggers ever have. Oh boy, just when you thought that my new years resolution would be to not piss off anyone who doesn’t share my beliefs, I use a derogatory word like “tree-hugger”. Hear me out… On September 2, 1937 Franklin D. Roosevelt put pen to paper on the “Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act” otherwise known as the Pittman-Robertson Act. To make a long story short, this act re-purposed an 11% excise tax on firearms and ammo that had formally gone to the U.S. Treasury, and distributed it to the Secretary of the Interior. The Secretary would then use a formula that takes into account the area of states, and the number of licensed hunters, then redistributes that money back to the states to help aid in the management of the animals and there habitat. It worked so well, that new laws have been written in to provide the same protection for fish and the waterways also. How much money are we talking about here? In the Last 50 years it has totaled over $2 billion dollars. Yet another reason why sportsmen are the biggest conservationist that there are.

-Grant Willoughby 01/07/2017-

There are 2 sides to every coin…

Did you hear that we are Youtube sensation? Just click “HERE” and you can watch our latest video. It’s in the working to try to put out A LOT more videos for ya’ll, just a matter of deciding on content and what people want to see, or hear about (*HINT, HINT*) But I figured since it is the first video that all three of us have been I may as well answer some questions that you might have about us…

1.Yes, somehow we all look to be the same height on camera. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft video editing program that Kris has on his computer, but somehow we all ended up the same height. If you don’t believe me, come on out to the gunshow at the greyhound park on October 1st-2nd, say “Hi”and bring a tape measure if you want proof for yourself.

2. Yes, Kris is actually a ninja. Ok, well I haven’t seen his split toe jika-tabi ninja boots in person, but I feel that I can probably make the assumption. (You know what happens when you ass-u-me right…) But in all reality, Kris is SUPER educated on the use of all weapons, especially anything with blades, in fact I believe him to more comfortable with a bladed weapon in his hand  then he is with a firearm. (Which says a lot for a guy who regularly shoots hand -thrown clay targets out of the air… With a pistol no-less!)

3. Yes, Brad is what it would look like if you could somehow create a living being from 2 television shows… Sons of Anarchy and Vikings, (the best parts of both shows of coarse) . We joke constantly during planning for PWP about how we could not have planned a better trifecta of different demographics, we have a ninja, a biker, and a redneck… If we could find a construction worker we could spotlight as the village people in a pinch.

4. I am not Eric from Moss Pawn and Gun (Iraqveteran8888 on youtube.) There are some subtle differences: He has glasses, I have contacts. He lives in Georgia, and I live in North Idaho. He has people who like, share, subscribe and leave comments on his website, and youtube channel… and, well… were working on it.


What I really wanted to write about today is how the internet is dumb… sort of. If you watch our videos or read our blogs you see that we take a fairly light hearted approach to just about everything except  gun safety, we joke and laugh as much as humanly possible. But, we use facts to justify our ideas and beliefs. If its an opinion, we state that it is “our opinion” and if it is proof we state that “it has been proven that…” In the old days, (I’m not talking dial up internet here, I’m  talking buying firearms at hardware stores kind of old)  you had to rely on the opinion and experience of an actual person to help you make an educated decision about firearms. Now you can go onto any forum and have 10 million “experts” tell you everything that you have never knew about guns. Does it not scare you that people are potentially making life changing personal protection choices based upon  the opinion of “kittylover2121”? it scares the hell out of me. Yes there are some good forums, with some super knowledgeable contributors, and for those that are willing to share there actual “knowledge” with a person that is in need, I commend you.  But if you have spent any amount of time, on any number of forums, you will find yourself walking away either disgusted or with sore sides from laughing so hard.  The same can be said for  for just about any website that has product reviews by editors. If your looking for reviews based on opinions they are great, but you have to take them as that, “Opinions”. If you go to a 1911 forum (or a site that’s editors are 1911 aficionados) they will have you believing that a Glock is a worthless plastic pile, ranking just slightly lower then a shovel for personal defense.  That is opinion, and potentially harmful to a new shooter. Everyone knows that as reliability goes it is EXTREMELY hard to beat a Glock, they will shoot just about anything and are very user friendly. I personally (opinion) don’t shoot a Glock well, not because its plastic (remember that I carry a “plastic” M&P45C) but because the grip angle makes me have to shift my wrist angle in order to focus on the front site. One forum would tell me that “that is the exact reason why Glocks are garbage, they force you to relearn there system. Yeah you can change the sights, or the trigger. But you can’t do anything about the grip.” Forum number 2 would say “Glock spent a ton of time (and money) in research and development to create the perfect grip that makes the pistol “point” correctly, the reason why you are having to adjust your grip is because you have been holding a pistol wrong all along”. Well what the hell man? Am I right or wrong? I guess it depends on which set of “facts” (read opinions) I decide to believe in. I believe that both forums are wrong for 2 simple reasons, first they didn’t preface there statements with “my opinion” and secondly because neither one gave the right answer. The “fact” is that if you don’t like the way that a pistol fits your hand, you don’t have to buy that pistol. There aren’t only 2 manufacturers, and there isn’t a right and wrong answer. If your hand likes an X D, by all means buy one. If there wasn’t a need for more then 2 different styles of pistols, manufacturers wouldn’t make them. And that is a “Fact”.

The other side to that coin is that there is a lot of awesome information on the internet, that will provide you with facts.  Spec sheets and available models are at your fingertips. If you like the way that a Colt commander fits your hand, but you dislike the way that the Glock 21 does because the grip width is too thick, you can find all critical dimensions for both firearms within minutes. With that information, and the want to do a little poking around on the web, more then likely you will be able to find a model that fits your hand someplace in between. The other thing that the computer provides you with is “proof”. Proof is what turns “opinion” into “fact”. My “opinion” is that if you had only one rifle, a .300 win mag would be a better choice then a 30-06 Springfield. When searching for “proof”  I use website’s like Hornady’s ballistic calculator, to establish the differences between the 2 rounds external ballistic’s. This allows me to compare and contrast the available ammo and flight trajectory’s. Then I use the Nikon Spot-on site to experiment with different sighting schemes to see at what range I should sight in, and at what ranges those caliber’s will be effective. The “fact” explained with “proof” plainly states that anything an 06 can do, a .300 can do better and farther. Does that make it a better rifle? Well I’m grown up enough to say that’s a matter of “opinion”.

But even I want a little humor on occasion, and I will peruse the forums looking for some off the wall reviews or statements, be they made up intentionally to provoke a laugh, or just horrible examples of mis-information, I just can’t get enough. I ran into these gun rules on a forum last week. Neither PWP or myself advocate any kind of  unsafe handling of firearms what-so-ever, but these were too awesome (and totally fake) not to share with you guys. I advise you to take anything written online with a grain of salt and recognize it for exactly what it is. Opinion. And when all else fails, find something to laugh at, and share it with us. Who couldn’t use a good laugh right? Enjoy.

Top Ten Gun Safety Tips
10. Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, such as at a Hippy or a Communist.

9. Dumb children might get a hold of your guns and shoot each other. If your children are dumb, put them up for adoption to protect your guns.

8. No matter how responsible he seems, never give your gun to a monkey.

7. If guns make you nervous, drink a bottle of whiskey before heading to the range.

6. While un-holstering your weapon, it’s customary to say “Excuse me while I whip this out.”

5. Don’t load your gun unless you are ready to shoot something or are just feeling generally angry.

4. If your gun misfires, never look down the barrel to inspect it.

3. Never use your gun to pistol whip someone. That could mar the finish.

2. No matter how excited you are about buying your first gun, do not run around yelling “I have a gun! I have a gun!”

1. And the most important rule of gun safety: Don’t piss me off.

-Grant Willoughby 8/07/2016=

Don’t be a Fudd…

It’s getting close to that time of year again where we all have to sack up and pretend like were taking standardized testing… Otherwise known as the elections. Yeah we have a few months to go before the Electoral College decides who will be our next President,  and the local news channel tells us how important our vote is. (Even if the race is decided before the polls close, or before you get there. Step up to the box and vote for whomever you want. Its a freedom and right that we have, You might as well express it, and even if its not worth what it use to be, it still is something that we should stand up for.) But were not going to talk politics today, were going to talk about peoples character (sometimes including politicians). So what is a “Fudd” and why don’t you want to be one? A “Fudd” as they are sometime referred to is a  person who is a sporting gun type,  that has no care for gun rights except to what we  refer to as “hunting guns”. (Iraqveteran8888 does an awesome video about the subject.) So why don’t you  want to be one you may ask? Because you don’t! Ok maybe I need to elaborate a little bit upon that. Gun rights are rights (I know it sounds like a steak sauce ad, but hear me out.) Whenever one of our rights gets infringed upon it shows that there is a “chink in our armor”. As one right goes away, it opens the door for others. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution states that “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” I am no English major, and I have never been mistaken for one, But as I read that I don’t see anything talking about only side-by-side shotguns and 30-06 bolt action rifles. Given there are rules in place that make the ownership of “Class III Weapons”  only lawful through the purchase of tax stamps. But we’re not talking about those, that is another topic, for another day.

So why does it matter if they outlaw “black rifles” or “semi-automatic high capacity pistols”? Well it all comes down to the good ol’ law of averages. (Anyone who knows me knows that many-a-long winded rant has been based upon “the Law of averages”) The law of averages pretty much states that if you take a sample of anything on a small scale, it usually equates to growth in relation to the sample amount. (If one in three people like chocolate chip cookies, then that would mean that 100 in 300 do too… or 1000 in 3000… or 1/3 of the world. The other basis that is often used is the old “if-then statement”, you probably remember it from junior high geometry class. An if-then statement is simply the “proof” for a hypothesis followed by a conclusion. So for example we could say “If Bob practices with his bow, then Bob will become a good shot”… Mind you, statistics, numbers and proofs, contrary to popular belief, can and will lie. It all just depends on the point that you are trying to get across). So how does that relate to banning certain kinds of firearms? Well if you look at the number of mass shootings that have came about. What weapons have been the main ones carried by lunatics that have no respect for life? Well Glocks and AR-15s of course. What weapons do the police carry in most towns in America? Same weapons. What about our military?  The use a Beretta M9 as there side arm of choice for the most part, but they use The  M4 carbine (AR-15 lineage) as there long gun. So if we  look at this in a “law of averages” sense, we would say if there is a mass shooting tragedy   an AR-15 rifle and some sort of “high capacity pistol” will be used. If we look at it as an “if-then statement”, it might say that “if you have an AR-15 and a so called “high capacity Pistol”, then you will be involved in some sort of mass shooting, or you are  law enforcement or military”. Obviously Both these statements are horribly flawed. But in the public eye, where all they know about most events is what the news force-feeds them, this is what they believe to be truth. The same can be said for some politicians. In their mind “high capacity  weapons of destruction intended to kill people, should have no place in the public’s hands”. You and I both know that statement has no credibility. But lets look at why, by breaking it down a bit. First of all, what makes a high capacity weapon more likely to injure or kill someone then something of normal capacity? The State of California has its own gun laws, and defines “a high-capacity magazine” as 10 rounds or more. Lets look at a couple historical firearms that comply with that classification. The Luger P-08,  and the Colt M1911. Both of these firearms have  what would be deemed a “safe and sane” number of cartridges in there magazine, 8 and 7 respectively. But if you look back at each firearms history, especially where and what they were used for, its pretty simple to see that more ammunition does not constitute a more proficient firearm… Secondly, “weapons of destruction intended to kill people”, is just a media inspired buzzword string used to evoke emotion in bleeding hearts.Yes any weapon, can and does have the potential to cause serious injury and potential loss of life. But a weapon, just like any other tool, is governed by intent. To quote the Motor City Madman himself, Ted Nugent, “If guns cause crime, all of mine are defective.”

So what happens if we let the  “evil black assault rifles” and the “high capacity semi-automatic pistols” get ban? Well first of all, WE FAIL. Not only ourselves, but also our Forefathers. And you can bet your last dollar, if they do get banned, more firearms will follow. In all reality what is the difference between your AR and a Mini-14? What about  your Browning  Bar hunting rifle? Or for that matter you Benelli super black eagle shotgun?  If your Glock 17 gets ban because it has 17 rounds in the magazine, what will they (the law makers) deem that a safe number is? Will it be 10? or 8?  Or will the semi-automatic handgun become illegal all together. Then will it be your revolver that gets fazed out? The point is, allowing our Constitution to get “reworked” shows that it is not only possible for the foundation of our freedoms to be taken away, it also condones it.If you have a dog that begs at the table, and you don’t correct that action, you are condoning that behavior. It may start with guns, but where will it end. Taxes, Religion, Free Speech, The right to vote… Its a pretty scary thought if you ask me. So Don’t be a “Fudd”, and stand up for ALL of your rights, these are OUR freedoms.. Remember what happens when one opens  Pandora’s box

-Grant Willoughby 5/22/2016-