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Fire Starting methods from household materials

One day I noticed my girlfriend cleaning her nails with these small pads and asked what they were.  She tossed me a package of exfoliating pads made out of 100% cotton and even made in the USA!


The fact that they were made out of cotton was great, being flat made them scream to be used as a fire starting material.  You will notice that some of the firestarting materials sold in stores is no better than a chunk of candle wick with wax on it, or a small hunk of fat wood.  I decided to pour some melted wax onto the back of these.

expadscandle expadsfiretinder

These worked awesome giving plenty of workable area to start with firesteel (ferro rod)  I was able to fold them into small triangles and put into a Ziploc bag that fit into my fire kit.  You can watch the video of making and lighting what is now one of my favorite survival fire starting tools.