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You asked for it…

All This heat… I blame it on you! If you remember way back on October 29, 2016 I wrote a little piece called “Can you feel the nip in the air” explaining my love of all things in the changing seasons of fall and winter… Shortly there after Kris posted a blog by the title of “I’m dreaming… But it’s not of a white Christmas”, explaining how he was not “built” for the cold, and how the dark days with nothing to forage, mentally challenge him. In all truth I think that a lot of people follow that same sentiment. But take a look outside right now (it was 68 degrees on my porch at 6:13 this morning) and I think it may be time to reevaluate your thought process. According to the local news, which I watch with the sound turned all the way down… in the early hours of the morning… in my underwear… (Yes, I guess my actions are finally matching the grey hairs I have recently been cultivating in my beard) it has been around 30 DAYS since we have had a measurable amount of precipitation, and the temperatures are going to fluctuate between 96  and 103 degree’s for the next 14 days. What the hell is this, Death Valley? If I have to live in a place that you can’t enjoy being outside, I at least want a better selection of Mexican food to choose from! This summer sucks, this late summer and early fall is going to be filled with fire restrictions that deem camping senseless (if you can’t have a camp fire and cook outside, I just don’t want to go). Say what you want about the short cold days of winter, but it is a scientifically proven fact… When its cold you can always throw on an extra coat, but when its hot you can only get so naked. Speaking of outdoor activities, and being limited by the cold… How many of you have been outside soaking up sunshine, and participating in the same activities that you do every other summer? I am guessing that this weather has forced you to adjust your vacation plans, at least to some extent. My friends have been picking huckleberries for the last couple of weeks, but now they have to leave at 3 a.m. in order to get to the woods, get some picking in, and be back into town before the real heat sets in. No more hauling the quads up, packing a lunch and making a day of it. It’s just too damn hot.

So whats a fella or lady to do? Just sit inside and gripe about the heat? Well that’s one option, but you and I both know that s not going to get us anywhere. Some people use this time of year to take that boat out that they have to make payments on all year and only get to use 6 times a summer. (Personally, I think it’s too hot to even be out on the boat, let’s be real honest here. Its 100 degrees, you’re sitting in the middle of the lake with no shade, probably having some wobbly pops, your super prone to heat stroke, a sun burn is inevitable. The fishing is horrible. Even when you jump out of the boat to cool off, you have to worry about every other yahoo on the lake running you over. How safe of a recreational activity does this really sound?) Personally if I can’t be fishing or hunting, I want to be getting ready to go fishing or hunting. Enter living room scouting: Of all the years I have spent in the field, and reading books about refining my craft, I (up until a few  weeks ago) had never heard of a stereoscope. Basically a stereoscope is a device that is to be used in conjunction with two identical images (in a 10″ x 10″ format) that have been shot from slightly different angles (or elevations in the case of some aerial photos) and when used correctly they give a true three-dimensional view. For the avid outdoorsmen, this is a fantastic tool for scouting. The USDA offices usually carries quite a few of your local areas maps shot in 2 formats to be used in a stereo scope. If they do not, they will gladly help you fill out the paperwork that needs to be submitted to have the Aerial Photography Field Office in Salt Lake City Utah, send you the pair of images that can be viewed with the stereoscope for your hunting area, all for $6 a picture. What this does for the hunter is give them the ability to see exactly how the land looks, as opposed to the generalities that are typically shown on topographical maps. Whats even cooler than that, is that when you order your smaller maps, you can also order maps in sizes up to 38″ square. If you have these maps laminated you can use a use both sets of maps in conjunction, and use a grease crayon to mark the larger format map with probably hunting locations to be scouted when the temperatures finally drop. All this without leaving the comfort of your own bunker, I mean home.

Just because Summer has been miserable so far, does not mean that you can’t try to make the most of the remainder of it. Knives have to be sharpened, packs need to be cleaned and reorganized. This is a great time of year to get your hunting buddies together and make plans for this years adventures, dust off the maps, break out those last few packages of venison and toss them on the grill. Now is the time to get excited for the seasons to come, it’s also a great time to start putting away a few extra bucks to soften the financial blow that hunting season almost always causes (by the way its much easier to find ammunition and reloading components during the summer months too, when everyone else is focused on their tans and polishing their boats). Most importantly try to use this not so exciting time to be around your family and love ones, before we know it hunting season will be upon us, and whether you believe it or not, those are the people who are the most supportive of your primal drive to fill the freezer. Speaking of freezers, it’s all the way up to 91 on my deck right now, I think I will throw a little camo on my face, grab a duck call and crawl into mine. Come on winter, I’m waiting…

Form over Function

Somewhere throughout creating modern society at large it was decided (unconsciously or consciously) that a warrior class of the public was either no longer necessary, or no longer important.  What seemed to take its place was a slew of fad fitness routines.  Now I’m not calling anyone out here, if you want to join crossfit, do yoga, insanity, or lift good old fashion weights then do it.  These methods will obviously have positive health results if done correctly, but is that enough?

Efficiency is a really big thing to me and it should be for everyone.  In today’s world we have less and less time to devote to gaining and practicing skill sets.  Is there a way to capitalize so that while improving our level of fitness we are also learning valuable skills?  The answer isn’t new, it isn’t a fitness trend yet to be realized.  For me and what I hope are more people everyday Martial Arts is that answer.  It will undoubtedly get you in better shape, it forces you to use your entire body.  To me the icing on the proverbial cake here isn’t the physical improvements, it is the extremely valuable skill sets that will be gained.  In martial arts you learn personal protection skills that could save your life, or the life of someone you love, maybe a family member.  On top of that martial arts also teaches one deep levels of patience and focus.  If you get lost foraging, or someone is injured and you have to put those first aid skills to work(you do have first aid skills right?) you will find through martial training you can attack the situation at hand without turning to panic.

I have trained in various forms of martial arts and I wont sit here telling you the best style or method.  I think its a personal choice and different systems work better for different body types and personalities.  I will however throw this question out there for you to think about on your next trip to the gym.  Do your current exercise methods offer you the same benefits that a martial training program would?  Are you maximizing gain vs. time invested?  Does it give you skill sets over assets?


Consult a physician before considering any fitness routine.

-Kris Anderson 4/23/2017

Hello… Is there anybody in there…

In case any of you are keeping track, this is the 40th weekly blog that I have written. 40 week is long enough to gestate a human being for God’s sake. 40 times I have thought all week about what I wanted to share with you, then spent what few hours I have on the weekend alone (useually in the wee morning hours from about 4-6 AM, sometimes late at night) typing away at these keys in hopes that it means something to someone. (Remember that show Doogie Howser, and how at the end of the show he was always typing into his computer… It looks just like that, except I’m not a 14 year old surgeon, and a lot of times I have a cocktail by my side for encouragement)  We have spoken of everything from mall ninjas, to political theories. From forging your own knives to foraging for mushrooms. Every diamond has many facets I guess…But our conversations have become monologues, with myself giving long-winded speeches about how “MPBR” can be the best friend or your worse enemy of the average hunter depending on practical application, or about ways to not look like an idiot at the gun counter. Maybe im preaching to the choir, or maybe im just preaching to myself. I guess there is no way to know for sure…

“I ain’t never seen a hearse with a luggage rack”-George Strait. Kind of a weird thought huh? The new, cool, skinny jean, no socks with summer shoes in the winter, ride a bike with tires made of hemp (because its greener man), grow the front of your hair real long and cut the back short (then wear a beanie on the back of your head for some dumb reason, even in the summer) wear horn rim glasses with no lenses, use a beard as a fashion statement hipster revolution has bought into quite a few things (even though they will tell you that they invented them all). 2 of the biggest being “YOLO”, and “bucket lists”. YOLO (standing for: You Only Live Once) is pretty much their excuse for making stupid decisions. “Hey yo Bruh, why did you get that tattoo of my little pony burning an upside down cross on your face?” “YOLO Bruh.” That’s considered an acceptable answer! Never in my life have I ever wanted to strangle a man with his own purse, or choke someone out with their own man bun so badly. The “bucket List” is even funnier. People will see someone else doing something “Epic” (another word that drives me nuts) or “LEGIT” (maybe im just getting old, Matlock and porch-swings here I come) and start saying things like #BUCKETLIST. In other words stating that what ever said action was, they want to complete it before they die (kick the bucket). Maybe “YOLO” really does stand for “You Obviously Lack originality”, or maybe Jack Black was right when he stated that “I’m fairly certain that YOLO is just Carpe Diem for stupid people”. People get so caught up in what they can take from the world, they never give a thought to what they can give back. They want memories of experiences, that they can say changed their life. As a matter of fact, we all do, but in different ways. To validate ones life, some resort to jumping out of a plane, or scaling  Mt. Everest (by the way, I Google mapped it, and it looks like a HORRIBLE place to hunt, you may want to search a little longer for a better place to hang your deer stand for next season. I mean who is going to hike that far without even the chance of shooting a monster?)  Some even say that they “Live” for it. Well if that’s what it takes, so be it. But what is experience, and memory without companionship and the ability to share it with someone else? I personally have been privileged enough to experience a lot of different things in my life. Given I have not summited K2, but I have been to a lot of beautiful places, from remote glacial lakes to mountain peaks, I have had the ability to explore the world around me. Now being a father,a husband and a friend, I am blessed to have the opportunity to share these experiences with those that I care about.

I think of my bucketlist differently… My bucket is one that is full of hard-earned knowledge that I need to give away. What kind of legacy do I leave if my son does not walk out into this world with everything that I know already up his sleeve? Why do you always swing a baseball bat (or a golf club, fly rod, ax, or a sword ) with fast hands? Because the hands lead the weapon, the same way the brain leads the hands. Be it a solid base hit, a perfect cast, or a fell tree, it is all the same knowledge that one only gets once he understands it completely. Why should a 5-year-old understand how to make a debris shelter, how to trick a shy brook trout into collapsing on a fly, how to find a good crop of mushrooms, or the correct way to breast a grouse? Because it provides character, it allows him to be able to sustain himself if he decides to pursue the life style that I have, and because it keeps him close to his roots. It humbles you. Why does my son almost always shoot his Nerf gun from a prone position (feet flat as to not move back and forth and give away location), why does he (try at least, he still has little hands after all) hold his toy pistols with a thumbs forward IPSC grip? Well, that’s what Daddy does. Why do I do it that way? Because it cost me thousands of rounds of ammo, and countless hours at the range to find out that there is a reason why all the best shooters do it that way. Because it works, and it takes away a lot of the variables. By no way am I saying the my way is the only way, but it is a better starting point then ground zero. I guess thats what I have tried to do with these blogs. I feel that I have information that someone would like to have, I feel that the hours that I spend honing my craft can be put to good use. Maybe give someone a good nudge in the right direction, The problem is, I don’t know what you want to learn. If you want product reviews, I will start doing that. If you want more informative blogs explaining single subject matter (guns, knives, etc.) we can do that too. Or have you just grown tired of my writing, and want something different all together? Anything I have, and everything I know is available to you. If I don’t know the answer off-hand, I will do the research and give you whatever I can find, that knowledge is important to me too. But I want this to be a conversation and not a monologue. With out you, there is no reason for me to do this. Teach me something, pique my interest, we all have our comfort zones, and areas of expertise. Now its time to share them, after all you can’t take them with you when you go.

-Grant Willoughby 03/05/2017-

…And the truth shall set you free…

I have said it before, and I will probably state it thousands of more times before it is all said and done… People suck! Not you or I of course, But a lot of people that we allow to share the same planet and oxygen with us. Every day a new “Johnny-come-lately” shows up on the scene and tells us something that we already know, so that we can more easily relate to them, then they will try to fill your brain with their psychobabble, As you accept and believe, they feel better, they feel powerful. Who cares how you feel or what it does to you? (Listen to “Liar” by Henry Rollins. Talk about the groundwork being laid…)

The latest and greatest “Snake Oil” scheme has everything to do with “PREPPING”, as soon as shows start coming out on the discovery channel, you can just about bet that ship has already sailed. So what do these shows do? Sell product. Period. Why else would otherwise logical people start buying shipping containers and filling them with God-knows what? Am I saying that prepping is wrong, hell no! I base most of my life on the ideals of prepping. But my theories are based of personal experience, and catered to my skill set. If given the opportunity to share my experience and theories with someone who has questions, I will gladly, by no means would I ever tell anyone I am an expert, How can someone ever be an expert in something that has no set parameters for its inception? The industry has banked on the fear of their consumers. I call it “prep-aganda”, they feed people full of extremist ideas, and show them the 1% of hard-core prepping. They make people question why they don’t have a bunker buried with enough food to feed Coxey’s army until the next apocalypse? Why don’t you have 15 crates of Mosin-Nagants, and 2 “spam can’s” of ammo for each of those rifles? Do you have a few extra 55 gallon drums lying around full of fuel that you use and replace in a piecemeal fashion? How big’s your bunker bro? People get so caught up watching how the lunatic fringe conducts business, they become worried,  thus creating “prep-paranoia”. Some people (like you and I) can see through the garbage, and sift the good out of it. But to someone who is new to the idea of self-reliance, these shows may not only overwhelm them with their over the top force feed, it may even turn them away all together. Pushing someone to a mindset where they will rely on any one other than themselves in a survival situation is  not something I want on my conscience. We as the “informed” need to give reliable information, and be helpful. We all had to start some where, and without help from those that had already learned those lessons, we would all still be in the dark and unprepared. I think one of the biggest things we can do is “de-bunker” some of the prepper myths.

  • “We all need to prep now, because  (the ozone is depleting, solar flares are coming, EMP’s, zombies, the government is corrupt… You get the picture, pick one insert it after “because”)” Prepping is not a new idea , it even talks about it in the bible: I Timothy 5:8 says. “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”, and Proverbs 21:20 states. “In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has. “ The term “prepping” is the only thing that is new. We use to call it “being a grown up”, you don’t need a have a pig farm where you harness methane gas to run your stove, or a M35 deuce and a half that runs on canola oil, the basis of the whole thing is the ability to survive with only what you have on hand. Some can survive with less, while others need more. What is truly important is having the ability to understand your potential situations, and being honest enough with yourself to plan accordingly.
  • “Buy tons of guns in common calibers, 5.56, .308, 9mm,40 s&w, 45 acp, that way you will be able to scavenge ammo if you find places where people have left. Plus the military/police pick those cartridges because they are the best…) Hell, I will be the first pot to call the kettle black on this one, I sold firearms for a living for pete’s sake. I even sold firearms during the last Obama election and the 2013 ammo shortage, And I sold a lot of guns. I may have learned quite a things also. Lets say you own all 5 calibers I mentioned above, and you are left in a world that has gone to shambles… You happen upon a house and the doors are open, you decide to walk in and look for supplies. What will you find? My bet is nothing! There are 2 reasons why a person would abandon their home, 1: They decide to leave and travel towards some destination. 2: They were looted, and probably worse. Either way you’re not going to find ammunition. If you leave under your own free will and have firearms, you will pack all that ammo with you come hell or high-water. If the house was looted, you can bet that the culprits will take whatever has value, including the ammo. When the ammo shortage set in, it was pretty safe to say that those 5 calibers mentioned above were the first to be sold out (lets not talk about .22 long rifle, that is still a point of contention for me.) 25 different slots for 9mm, and all of them empty. What was on the shelf? .327 Federal Magnum, you know why? Because no one owned one, yet. I ended up selling a few for that reason alone, there were cases of ammo, it was less than a .357 magnum, more than a .38 spl. and you get 6 shots out of a revolver, not 5. The problem really levered on people knowing that there was a shortage, and hoarding like crazy. Common calibers were first to go, but it touched every round the same. Ammunition companies had to shut down some calibers for a period of time to keep up with demands of the popular ones, either way there were a lot less boxes of ammo on the shelf. So what is the answer? For me, it is to buy a caliber that you like to shoot, that you can afford to shoot, that you can find components to reload with , and learn to reload. Look at systems like the Lee loader pistol kit, or rifle kit, they are simple small kits that allow you to reload ammunition in about 30 seconds a  round. You won’t be breaking any speed records but you will be able to reload live ammo without having to haul you reloading bench with you. Bullets, powder, primers, a small mallet and a kit that is about the same size as your favorite Jetro Tull  8-track tape.Also take a look at Trail boss powder by hodgdon, it will work in just about everything. Another great option is to buy common calibers that aren’t really in the lime-light. 30-06 is a great one, plenty of ammo options, and every place that sells guns or ammo will have it. Other good options are, 30-30 Win, 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 win Mag, .270 Win., .243 Win… and the list goes on and on.
  • “Prepper’s are anti-government, and are all preparing for the collapse of civilization.” Sure, some maybe, I however am not. I do take the stance of liking smaller government, but I thoroughly appreciate our military, and law enforcement officials. They fight to keep our country free, and our family’s safe when we can not do it for ourselves. That is heavy burden, that comes with a lot of responsibility. They deserve much gratitude. And what will cause the collapse of our civilization anyhow? Will the infrastructure just totally collapse, and the whole land will fall into complete disarray and anarchy? Will the Government decide to eradicate the whole population? I refuse to believe either. We, when placed in stressful situations, push forward into a structured society, creating laws, protecting those that need it, and crafting civilization. We did it back in 1776, and we can do it again if be, it’s the American way.

So what is the correct answer? Take care of yourself, take care of your family, perpetuate better living through knowledge, understanding and practice. If the sun burns out, what does it matter if you have 500 gallons of gas? It doesn’t! If the power goes out and the gas pumps don’t work, whats important is to have your vehicle full, and enough spare fuel to last you through the pinch, thats being practical. Practical prepping is what our forefathers did.  Living in North Idaho the potential of losing power for 3 days at a time is pretty likely (it happened last year), there for I have enough food, water, dog food, medication, gasoline and cooking fuel to keep my family (including my parents who live a couple of miles down the road) going for at least 72 hours, without experiencing any sort of real discomfort.I have enough ammo to keep me busy for a while, and enough books to keep my wind working, and learning. If we can’t continue to learn, then we are completely lost. When you learn a new trick or skill, practice it until it is perfected, then share it with others that you care about, once they have it perfected, ask them to do the same to those they care about. Share fact, not misguided opinion, be honest and be truthful. Share that truth, and the truth shall set you free.

-Grant Willoughby 01/29/2017-


That ain’t Country…

We, collectively, live in a constantly changing (evolving?) society where social norms are forever moving. It was the gripe of our parents and our parents-parents before that… Damn kids! And maybe, just maybe, I’m getting old, and crap bothers me more now then it use to. For everything that I have grown more tolerant of, I find something new that pisses me off worse. Maybe I am just the social experiment that no one wants to take…

Like many of you I was raised in town (downtown Coeur d’Alene, tourist central of Idaho no less… Luckily, only 3 months out of the year are filled with tourists… The other 9 are filled with college kids, to tell you the truth, I don’t know which is worse), but thank God my parents are of the sort that don’t do the whole college/tourist trap activity set list. Off to the woods, or off to the lake (not usually Coeur d’Alene lake, that’s where all “those people” congregated,  and that’s what we were perpetually trying to escape) My foundation was laid early. But, like most of you, I had my rebellious years. No I didn’t go join the circus, or become a card-carrying member in the Wu-tang clan, But I did depart to the dark side. Baggy jeans and skateboard t-shirts filled my closet. (remember JNCO jeans, no I didn’t own a pair, but just the memory of them helps me to realize that we allowed that trend to happen. What the hell was wrong with us?) Shortly there after, I realized the fault of my ways, and returned to my senses. I didn’t care if I was “in style” or cool or whatever, all I cared about was being me, and being functional. The emphasis always being on function. What the hell is the functionality of skinny jeans? Remember way back in the 90’s, we had many not so nice words about the skinny jeans of the 80’s, now they took that style and made them even tighter? What the hell is that, you can’t carry a pocket knife or nothin’! I was looking at the Urbancarry G2 holsters the other day, and in their ads, they actually have to have a disclaimer that the holster system will NOT work with skinny jeans?/!.% Well no shit, you can’t even carry dignity in skin-tight jeans, let alone a firearm. I wish it would have said, if you wear skinny jeans, please take a look at gun tote’n mama’s for a purse carry option. That ain’t country… But that is what our “evolution” has brought us to. As you well know I drive a truck, it’s a 1993 Ford F350 crew cab, it has a couple dents, an 8 foot bed, standard size off-road tire, and all 4 windows have manual cranks. How boring right? In order modern society you aren’t cool unless you have rims the size of manhole covers, and rubber bands for tires. How much more opposite can things be. Back in the day, guys would stick the smallest wheels they could on, so that they had more room for tires, not less. A guy I work with is a prime example, he tells me he got new wheels and tires for his truck, and that I should check them out. Me being  more than slightly redneck, make a b-line for the door to see these “Big” new tires… 24″ rims, yes 2 feet of rim, polished to a point where even the Stevie Wonder could see them, with a tire about as thick as a band-aid stretched around it. “Are those things bad ass, or what?” he says. I mean, what do you say in that situation? I said “or what?” you will never be able to keep those things clean, you will be scratching them constantly on gravel roads, and that tire doesn’t have much tread. “No bro, this truck doesn’t go up in the woods. Its my baby, she’s a highway queen”. It actually hurt my soul just to type that out. Is that even a real thing? What the hell is happening here? I started looking around for a hidden camera or something. He was being completely honest, and it makes me honestly sad. Why you would live in North Idaho, buy a 4 wheel drive pick up truck, and castrate it, I have no idea. And to spend $5,000 in the process of doing so? I could just about watch those Chevy bow-tie’s trying to rip themselves off that truck, call ita seppuku if you will, anything to not be affiliated with anymore emasculation  Just proves some people have more money the sense I guess. That sure as hell ain’t country.

I guess my biggest problem is that this is all becoming common practice. It is the standard, and like everything else, this too shall pass. But whats coming next? My son is 5 years old, what will the trends be when he is in junior high? Someone will decide that everyone should wear ski jackets, daisy dukes and a sombrero, and we “the consumer’s” will buy into it, and more importantly we will accept it. How a kindergartener can get suspended for bringing a clear bubble gun to school, but we allow our children to go to school with clothes so tight that you can actually see what their thinking, is beyond me. Maybe the next generation will do something different for a change. Maybe they will take charge of their own destiny, and not waffle in the face of greatness. Maybe they will have opinions and be able to express them without rioting. Maybe they will be accountable for their own actions. Maybe they will remember to turn their phone/tv/tablet/computer off, and turn the conversation on. Maybe they will have compassion for their fellow-man  without fear of being taken advantage of.  Maybe they need better examples, better role models. Being a stand-up person, getting callused hands,and doing it all honestly, now that’s country. Just like a potter, we owe it to our clay to craft it beautifully as well as strong, for the shortcoming of children, come’s from the shortcoming’s of their parents.

-Grant Willoughby 01/22/2017-

127,872,000 Seconds….

127,872,000 seconds. That is how far your clocks have been set back. If you would rather hear it in other terms: 35,520 minutes,  or 1,480 days, or roughly 211 weeks. 4 months and 20 days. In 20 days we will have a new President of the United States.But this isn’t about him, it is about you, and I… We the People. Why then do I say that your clock has been set back 127,872,000 seconds,?

Whenever new leadership comes into office, there is always an uprising of sorts, no matter what the ballot count really is. Look at the election of 1800. John Adams vs Thomas Jefferson or should it have been Aaron Burr? Remember, Jefferson and Burr, were actually in a tie, and the House had to vote to figure out who would be the representative for the Republican Party. They dead locked and thus exposed a flaw in the early system of our young  nation (remember that the United States was shy of 4 years old at this time). Tempers flared and there was talks of disunion and civil war, even going as far as to have 2 states rise there militias and prepare to battle the Government if Jefferson didn’t win. Needless to say we were a work in progress, and in a lot of cases still are. Watch the news, look at the riots that are going on all over the country. We still have a lot of learning (and growing) to do.

Trump is not the answer to all of our questions, nor is Clinton the root of all our evils. Our candidates were just a living embodiment of there Nations people, 2 sides to the same coin. If you believe that Trump is going to be able to come in and completely fix our economy, eradicate the war on terror, and completely clean up our government in 4 years?.. Well, lets just say that we have been over-promised and under-delivered before. Do you really believe that Clinton could have outlawed all firearms, reclaimed them all and destroyed them all without a little resistance? All while single-handedly rebuilding the ozone layer, unionizing the whole United States, and providing LGBT equality and racial justice?.. I’m not saying that its impossible, but I would consider highly unlikely the biggest understatement in documented history. These are all problems that go deeper then one persons decisions.  Out of the 318,309,524 people who are currently living in the United States (as of 8:20 A.M. pst on December 31st, 2016) these were the 2 best candidates that we could muster? These were the best?  Really? We voted them in, that being said, that must be what we believe right? I think more so we came to a “T”, in the road and had to make a choice. We had to look past the people, and look at what the potential ramifications would be from our choices. We American’s (as a collective body) have become 10 ply toilet paper (soft), as opposed to making a stand, saying enough is enough and drawing a line in the sand, we hunker behind a figure that we believe will save us from ourselves. All the while forgetting that out future, our destiny, and our salvation is in our own hands and no one else’s.

In 127,872,000 Seconds… 35,520 minutes… 1,480 days… or 4 years and 20 days, where will you be? Remember 8 years ago? how about 4? The Obama administration? Were you running out to Cabelas to buy all the AR rifles and ammunition that you could find? Often times spending 2 or 3 times what retail cost were just so that you would have the opportunity to own something that you feared would become illegal. Were you scared? Did you feel helpless, and feel that you were not being represented? Right now your clock has been set back 4 years and 20 days. This is borrowed time, You have 1,480 days to prepare, not for the end of the world, but for the potential that our freedoms may once again be challenged. Do not fall victim to the scare tactics, but also don’t be blinded by time. Take an active stance about your future and your rights. Between now and then, if you get payed bi-weekly, you have roughly 105 paychecks that will come into your possession. If you alternate between rifle and pistol, and buy one box of ammunition every time you get payed, you will find that  you will have 52 boxes of one and 53 boxes of the other at the end of this time frame. That would be 1,040 rounds of rifle and 2,650 for your pistol. If you put away one dollar a day, you can afford that AR-15 that you always wanted. Were not talking that budget model that you don’t really want, but its the only one that you think you can afford. With $1,480 cash you put yourself in the market for a tricked out standard brand, or even something in the class of a Larue tactical or Daniel Defense. All for just $1 a day.  1,480 days works out to be 208 weekends, or 416 days that fall on the weekend. 416 opportunities to be outdoors, to be hunting, or fishing, or shooting. 416 opportunities to get someone new involved in your passions, and 416 chances to change someones mind about what gun-toting conservatives are really all about. Be apart of the solution, and quit being part of the flock, don’t succumb to the hysteria. We have the control, and we grant that power to them. We make the choices. 35,520 minutes and each one is precious. Spend them wisely, grow closer as a community, and tighter as a family. Use each moment to become informed about what is going on in your Country, and learn about the issues that may effect your life and livelihood. Take charge  of your destiny, and hold true to your values. Its your time, and the time is now, all 127,872,000 seconds of it.

Happy New Year.

-Grant Willoughby 12/31/2016-

A check-up from the neck-up…

Lately I have been doing a lot of talking about hunting… Probably because I have been doing a lot of hunting. I could just go off today about how the ducks were flying great 2 weeks ago, until the channel froze… Or talk about how waking up early  to go do something before last call at the bar  is actually just about the best time a guy can have when the weather gets cold. I could talk about how I spent the remainder of my vacation days (plus last weekend) installing a LVP floor in the living room for my wife. 5 days on my hands and knees pulling enough crown staples to fill a 16 oz. beer can, from the pad under the old carpet… In all reality, it is a survival story, being as if i didn’t install a new floor, my wife was destine to kill me. I live to hunt another day.  But instead I decided to try to kill as many birds with one stone as possible.

We at PWP, Have to be pretty good at rationing our time. With houses, family’s,our day  job’s and responsibilities, we have to find a happy balance between doing what we have to, and doing what we want to. You (I’m sure) and I both know how much that can suck. When The first snow flies in late October/ early November I think “RUT”, not “SNOW SHOVEL”. But, if I want to continue to stay happily married, concessions have to be made, My wife could care less about how falling/ stagnated low barometric pressure really turns on the  bass bite, but she knows that it makes me happy and wants me to go. In so I realize that she would like a new floor and if I have to miss a couple days of prime migration… So be it.

I am not tactical, and I’m sorry. I know that the members of PWP are a varied crowd, from high country hillbillies to the tactics based preppers, and each of you has chosen to become apart of the PWP family for different reason (whatever your reasons, from the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely say thank you). That being said, I have a real strong personal belief that it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I know a lot about ballistics, I know firearms, and I can understand the principles. I’m just not wired that way. To me almost all things can be traced back to hunting. Its about the stalk, about blending in with your surroundings, about always being ready, and about the mental preparedness to be able to pull the trigger when the chance arises. From dating to self defense I see it the same way. I wont be able to explain to you which is a better defensive pistol drill drill between the tri-lambda and Mozambique, I can explain them both, have shot them both, and can tell you how they relate to each other, but by no means am I an expert, and I don’t want to lead you astray. If you would like to have more blogs that are along those lines, drop us a note and we have some great minds here that would be more then happy to do a blog about them. I’ll just sit in the corner, reading dope charts, and wait until my 34 years of random knowledge is needed again. 🙂

Without you, there is no us. When we first started talking about Our hopes for Post World Patriot, we asked each other what would set us apart from the crowd and what we could share that every other website couldn’t. That is when we started to focus on the word “SHARE” were not talking tweets or re-tweats or Instagram, we were (and are) talking about creating relationships, and actually sharing personal knowledge. We have our skill sets and you do too, I don’t want to talk about things that you don’t care to learn about. So I  cast my nets in hopes that someone would like to learn more or become a part of the conversation. I know that you are all experts at something, and with my history of being a chronic dabbler, I want to know everything about everything. Tell me what you know and tell me what you would like to learn. I can bet that if we throw enough topics around we can all learn something from each other. Skill sets over assets right?

With 1 hour and 36 minutes until the big day, I would like to be the first to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We at PWP hope that your holiday is filled with warm memories, great food and laughter, and if you are still looking for that extra gift for someone special, you can click this link http://postworldpatriot.com/membership/ and enter Coupon code: TACTICALSANTA, and get a PWP membership for $30, that’s $20 off the normal price. With that membership you will receive the following:

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That’s a pretty smoking deal when you think that the t-shirts alone are $20, Buy one for yourself, and one for a friend. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine… but it would be a whole lot cooler if they had one our sweet t-shirts on. Merry Christmas!

-Grant Willoughby 12/24/2016-

The Measure of a Man…

The hike always seems to be longer on the way in. As the trace amounts of snow cover the tracks of last nights hoofed visitors, you pick and place all of your steps into the areas that don’t make you sound like an elephant tap dancing on bubble wrap. “4 days left on that tag, whats your plan?” Anything with horns you whisper. You had made a little promise to yourself at the beginning of this year. Earn a buck. It was a simple statement, but you were going to hold fast to it. You had lucked into a few before, and by no means is shooting a doe a bad thing, hell if we didn’t the deer population would run even further out of control then it already is.  But this year you want to earn that buck. So as the weeks passed by in deer season, so did the number of animals you saw, its like they can sense your target and realize that they are not it (much the same way Elk will stand broadside in the middle of the road 3 days after season has closed, knowing full well that you can’t shoot them). How many had you seen this year? A hundred? Maybe 150? I guess the number really doesn’t matter, What matters is today. What matters is that you use every opportunity to try to fill your tag. What matters is that you are keeping tradition alive, and experiencing nature just like your forefathers did.

Maybe for you it isn’t big game hunting. Maybe it’s a duck blind, a quail covey or that secret honey hole up the river that always has the biggest trout in it, Maybe its that hard line that you climb on the atv once a year just to prove to yourself that you STILL can. We all have our proverbial crosses to bear. The real question, is what are we proving? Why do we do it? And most of all who is Judging us? I find it funny that when we hear of someone who walks 50 feet from the truck on opening morning and kills a “good buck” we immediately call it “luck”, Then we hear about a hunter who spends 35 days in the woods searching for that one elusive deer that keeps evading him, we will in the same breath, Call him “lucky” and state that any one who gets to spend that much time afield is sure “lucky”. Well which one is it? Are you lucky if you stumble into one and shoot it at first light? Or are you lucky to be able to spend all that time in the woods? And who the makes the decision? I guess we get back to the argument about destinations, and journeys… If I was in a situation where food was scarce, and I was expected to bring home meat so that my family was able to live, my hunting season would have been very different then it was. This year I personally saw more deer then I have in any other 3 hunting seasons combined. Hell, yesterday I had 2 does close enough that I could have done them both in with and ax handle! But Much like you, my desperation for meat is very low, while my want is still very high. I enjoy hunting, but I am truly not in a situation where I “have” to harvest in order to survive. We have enough money to pay for food (even though its expensive, and I hate to do it), and I’m sure that you do too. Don’t believe me?  If you (or I) take what we pay for our cell phones and add to that the cost of the internet that we run in our houses, we are left with a pretty substantial sum of money. Surely enough to pay for any meat that a family would need to survive month to month.”But wild game is so much tastier, and better for you” you say. I could not agree with you more, I love all wild game. But if pressed and your freezer is low on protein, you can go to the store and still buy meat, as I do when things don’t go as planned.  I know of a few people, who have not consumed store bought meat in over 15 years! If I was 20 years younger, popped my collar, and listened to drake (the rapper, not my third favorite feathered target) I would say that is “EPIC”, but I’m not, so I won’t. What I will say is that is conviction, and that is living the path. Most cannot. It’s pretty easy to throw a “live to hunt, Hunt to live” bumper sticker on your Prius, its another to actually live it.

SO how do we quantify success? Is it meat in the freezer or horns on the wall? Is it a limit of green heads or that lone bull turkey that you have always dreamed of? Is success even attainable, or is it just an imaginary finish line that we have created as something to strive for? Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to spend the day hunting with Trent. Nope I didn’t shoot one, but Trent did. Just a 3 x 4 “doiker buck” as he would call it, but we basked in its glory, and admired him for quite sometime before we started to drag him out. For once the walk out was longer! 2 and a half hours later, we finally had drug the deer out to the main road and got it loaded into the truck. As we sat dead tired sipping a Powerade,dripping sweat and up to our elbows in war-paint and brush scratches,  I though about how successful the day had been, not only as a hunt, but as my birthday no less.To me, personally, it is all of those things that show your true measure and grit .Some of my most memorable hunting trips have been those where I never even pulled the trigger. From sitting in my parents frozen garage on a cold November’s eve processing out my first deer, to throwing decoys on what should be frozen water in January. Being outdoors has become something more to me then any number of trophy’s on my wall ever could. So if you wish to measure me as a man, do it not by the number of horns that I use to adorn my walls, but with the passion, friendships and memories that I use decorate my soul .

-Grant Willoughby 12/3/2016-

Somethings never change…

We are all creatures of habit. We find security in our rituals, no matter how strange they may be. I think a lot of the ideas that we carry into our “adult” lives were manifested in our youth. The more that we try to “put away childish things“, the more we long for them…

Not gonna lie, I still have a hard time sleeping the night before I head out on a hunt. The excitement is just far to much. Even at this very moment, if I close my eyes and concentrate real hard, I can feel the icy morning air fill my lungs, I can taste the last sip of scalding hot coffee, feel the weight of my pack, even hear the tiny “snick” of my action closing on a fresh round. Maybe I live in a dream state someplace between reality and memory (We all know that our memories are almost always cooler then what actually happens. I think that’s a trick our mind plays on us to keep us coming back for more.), and if that is the case, you can’t pry me out of this reverie with a 8-ton  Warn winch and a hot stick.  Come next Saturday, I will have possessed a hunting license for 21 years. In that, I started to think about how much different my life has become since those wasted days of my youth. Yes, just shy of 34 I’m happily married for 7+ years, have an awesome 5 year old son, a mortgage, bills, hell I even have life insurance. But I’m still the same “kid” from way back when…

Ever since I rode my first dirtbike, on road trips I always day dreamed about flying down the shoulder of the road and jumping every crossroad that met up with the highway, even putting my hand out the window and using the wind to help me visualize just how high and far I was gonna go. In an essence I had successfully transformed the whole world into the rhythm section of the coolest motocross track ever imagined. After a good motorcycle crash, I learned that maybe I wasn’t going to be the next Jeremy McGrath, but it didn’t stop my need to pretend. If you see a guy driving down highway 95 in an old ford truck, hand out the window, making 2-stroke noises, don’t call him crazy… You can just call me Grant.

When I was younger, we spent quite a bit of time in the summer fishing at local lakes. A crappy  bobber and a dozen night crawlers was all it took to burn up those dog days of summer. As I fished more, and started to learn (more so watching fishing shows, and take everything as gospel) I parted ways with going “fishing for fish” and decided that I needed to be an angler, and not just a fishermen. $1 worms got replaced with $6 Rapalas, and $10 K-mart fishing “poles” got replaced with $200 G. Loomis fishing “rods”. Some success was had, and I am still known to throw a spinner bait til I get a sore arm, but by the end of the day I end up sitting on the dock with my boy, pitching a worm and bobber to bluegill too small to even be called bait. That is what made me fall in love with fishing, it taught me patience, it taught me resilience, and most importantly it taught me to laugh and enjoy my surroundings. I hope that it has the same effect on him. Plus it is almost impossible to not have the time of your life playing the “who can catch the smallest one” game.

SNOW. I’m sure some of you just cringed at the word, by now you know that I have quite the obsession with those tiny crystallized water particles, I definitely don’t suffer from chionophobia ( yep you guessed it! $5 word from extreme dislike or fear of snow. First thing you have ever learned from one of my blogs right?)  I have always loved snow,  from November hunting, to Christmas eve late night strolls through downtown Coeur d’Alene with my Mom, snow has always added a certain beauty to the memories. Or maybe it was the time of year… I am not a holiday person per se, but let me explain. I am not a big fan of receiving gifts, even though I love to give them. My favorite holidays are gift free ones, that is why I have always loved Thanksgiving (and no it isn’t  because I was born the day after it.) any time people gather to spend time with each other, eat great food, and be thankful, is my idea of what a holiday should be. The smell of turkey and home made pecan pie fills the house, the wood stove warms your bones, and every time that the door opens you look to see how much snow has collected on your walkway. The only things required are a health appetite, and a smile. And as the night wares on, and pie is sliced everyone sits together as family. As a kid I waited all year for it, and I still do now.

Yes as time goes on, people do change. As I get a little longer in the tooth, I realize that I have changed. With responsibility and age a boy grows into a man, he who was once fueled on emotion and impulse, becomes more collected and intrinsic. We adapt our lifestyles, we think much longer about decisions, and we seek True North, the absolute truth. But as we grow in age, as well as spiritually, we have to remember that our youth is what made us who we are today. Make a snow angel, throw a snowball, take an extra minute to watch the sunrise as opposed to looking for horns, laugh til it hurts, have that extra piece of pie. When its all said and done, those moments, the ones where you regressed back to childhood excitement, are the ones that will often mean the most.

I wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings.

-Grant Willoughby 11/19/2016-

Excuses are like A**holes…

I know that I should be writing a blog about the upcoming election, but to be real honest with you, I have really just had it with politics. I’m sure that you have too. First it was a big debacle just to figure out who was going to be running, then it was millions of dollars spent on campaigning, then millions more spent on negative political ads. (If you type in “negative political ads” on google it gives you quite a few stats, like for instance, out of all of Hillary Clinton’s television commercials, just over 60% of them were adds that tried to shine a nasty light on her opponent. I’m not pointing out one side or the other, I’m just saying that as a collective body, we (as Americans) have shown a greater tendency to make decisions from feelings of anger, then from anything else.) That is a lot of money spent trying to get people to like you (or in reality, just dislike the other person more) That being said, I hope that you visit the poles on Tuesday and let your voice be heard. By this time of  year you have already heard everything that you need to hear in order to make an educated decision, hopefully  “We The People” will have made the right choices and America will keep working its way back to greatness…

OK now that we got that out of the way, lets talk hunting and guns shall we… Finally something that I can completely get behind. I spent yesterday in a duck blind, trying to put a little meet in the freezer. We got an “A” for effort, but its hard to cook a report card. Most Of my time spent in pursuit of ducks (or deer for that matter) is with a buddy of mine named Trent. Trent is an assassin, If you ask him, we will be humble and say that he gets lucky every once-in-a-while, But in all reality Trent puts in a ton of work for his critters, in so he is rewarded (and rightfully so), that’s why his freezer is full of elk, and mine is full of frozen burritos. So with travel to hunting locations, and blue bird days in  duck blind’s, Trent and I spend quite a bit of time talking all things fins, feathers, fur, fletching and firearm. Its funny in the course of any conversation, how many “facts” we have been told over the years, and how many misconceptions their still are when it comes to the lifestyle that we all choose to partake in. SO… Let’s see how many people we can thoroughly frustrate and challenge with this one.

  1. “I carry a .45 ACP because shooting twice is silly”, 9MM vs. .45 ACP…                     I’m pretty sure that if you look around at cave drawings, you will probably see Paleolitic representations of one tribe making fun of another tribe because they used smaller spears. This debate is not only played out, but pretty silly anyways. I have a 9mm, .38 spl., 40 S&W, and a .45 acp. I carry the .45 because I like to shoot it, there for I shoot it more, thus I shoot it better. Pistols are pretty piss poor as defensive weapons anyways. “Wow, did he just say that?” yes I did. If I had the choice between a shotgun with bird shot, or a pistol with the best defense ammo available, I would take the shotty every day. Why? Because it is efficient, even with an adrenaline charged trigger jerk,  you can still effectively stop a bad situation. “But you only have 3 (or 5 or 8) shots?” Yes that is true, I don’t care. I carry a pistol because its convenient, but I know its limitations. Pistols poke holes, and reliability of expansion is always a limitation. Would I rely on my .45 to save my life? You Bet, if I had a 9mm that I shot as well, would I feel as confident using a “puny 9”? Sure would. I can be realistic, and honest with my decisions. Now .40’s on the other hand…
  2. “I would never shoot (insert caliber here), it has a trajectory like a rainbow”              This one is actually as multifaceted as a princess cut diamond. Lets first come to the realization that most people have no real idea about external ballistics. They buy deer bullets for their deer gun and try to shoot a deer. They miss  because the don’t know much about the flight of their projectile (I actually think most people miss high,  But ill get into that later) because they missed, they need a magnum cartridge. “That old .308 or 06 just doesn’t have the oomph to make those long shots, .300 Weatherby actually is going so fast that it rises as itleaves the barrel” No it doesn’t, and you sound silly when you say things like that. Here’s a fun experiment. Take your favorite bullet, hold it directly in front of your right shoulder right where you mount your rifle, then drop it. If you were to use a high-speed camera, you would be able to measure the exact time that it takes to fall from shoulder level to the ground. Now  take your favorite pill pusher, and place a level on top of your scope base. When the bubble is dead nut squeeze the trigger. Using that  same high speed camera you could measure the amount of time it takes the bullet to touch  the ground at the end of its flight. Then compare the times… They are the “SAME!” its called gravity. The only difference between a .308 a 30-06 and the .300 Weatherby is the distance that they travel before they hit the ground. For example: If it takes .750 seconds for the bullet to drop from shoulder height to the ground. you can easily do the math. 165 gr. .308 win @ 2700 fps, 165 gr. 30-06 spr. @ 2800 fps, .300 Weatherby 165 gr. @ 3300 fps. If all three calibers are shot in the same conditions with all bores exactly level, The 308 will travel 2025 feet before it touches down, the 06 will travel 2100, and the 300 will travel 2475 feet. Yes the magnum has an advantage, but it is also more expensive to shoot, and the recoil is more punishing. If you are scared to pull the trigger, and you flinch every time you do, then what is the perk of all the foot pounds of energy and flatter trajectory? Now lets look at your set up. If you do the standard (mount your scope as close to the rifle as possible, Ideally 1.5″ from center of scope to center of bore for hunting rifles) and you sight your rifle in for 100 yards, your .308 will drop 37.08 inches at 400 yards,  the 30-06 will drop 33.85 inches, the .300 Weatherby will drop 20.31 inches at the same distance. That’s no small potatoes, But I think the general consensus for people that plan on making longer range hunting shots (say 300 yards plus) is to set your rifle up as such. I know a lot of fellas that sight everything they have, to be 3 inches high at 100 yards. With that you are left with a ballistic chart that reads something like this: .                                                                       308 Winchester: 100 yards: +3.00″, 200 yards: +1.63″, 300 yards -6.99″, 400 yards -25.07″.                                                                                                                                                 30-06 Spr.: 100 yards:+3.00″, 200 yards: +2.06″, 300 yards: -5.56″, 400 yards: -21.82″                                                                                                                                                 .300 Weatherby: 100 yards:+3.00″, 200 yards: +3.79″, 300 yards: +.27″, 400 yards: -8.29″                                                                                                                                                       So what does that tell us? Well it tells me that yes the .300 Weatherby is a pretty flat shooting rifle. But then the question needs to be asked, How often do you shoot that far? and How often are you willing to practice at those distances? A large whitetail buck has a chest height of somewhere between 18″-20″. So even with the lowly .308 Winchester you can shoot that deer all day long, all the way out to about 350 yards WITHOUT holding over the hair, and that ain’t too bad. You know what else it tells me? That uncle that you have who sights his 300 Savage dead on at 100 yards, then says he “shot that deer at 700 yards, held on lungs, and hit right where he was aiming” is a liar. Sorry that’s just the facts folks. Now to why I said I think more people miss high (even with those huge negative numbers that represent the drop of those 3 cartridges) It is really hard to guesstimate range on critters, just like no 2 snowflakes are the same, no 2 deer,( or elk, moose, bear, coyote or Sasquatch) are the same either. Have you heard of ground shrink? Its what happens when you shoot bears most of the time. Through the scope the it looks like a cement truck with fangs and claws. You pull the trigger, then walk up to it and see that somehow between the time that you pulled the trigger and the bullets impact, your “state record boar” was replaced with a slightly overweight black lab. Its alright we have all been there. A good deer at 400 yards looks like a coyote to the naked eye, what does one look like at 700 yards?  I don’t know either, I live in the part of Idaho that is covered with trees and brush, anything with 500 yards of open space and no trees or brush is either a flight strip, or the parking lot at Walmart. So when we see a deer that is “way out there” most people grossly overestimate how far away it actually is, even a small buck at 300 yards looks like he is at least 900 miles away, and what do we do? Find a rest, aim right for the shoulder, then start worrying about how far away it is. As apposed to getting closer, or just not taking the shot (or ranging it, then using a drop chart, or practicing at ranges out to that far, so that you know how far away it is), we aim half a deer over the shoulders and let er fly. We miss, chamber another round, and aim even higher figuring that we had to have missed low, and keep making the same mistake until were out of bullets. 2 inches of drop, or 200″ of drop, if you don’t know how far away it is, no super magnum is going to make long shots easy.
  3. 3 1/2″ shotgun shells don’t make your 12 gauge shoot farther.                                  (Might as well piss off the shotgun guys too right?) Lets start with the basics first, a shotgun is a gun that shoots shot. In accepting that, you also have to accept the fact that no single shot in the load can be precisely aimed. You bank on the theory that as your shot cup is constricted going through the choke, it will lay an even dispersion, or “pattern” of shot across your target (usually a 30″ circle is used for determining  the percentage of shot in your pattern.) what a 3 1/2″ shell does for hunters that have shotguns so equipped, is give you the opportunity to have more shot in the pattern (a heavier payload). a sphere is the worse velocity retaining projectile invented. that means that they slow down greatly once they leave the barrel.  “Well… Yeah but if you have more shot it will kill farther out right?” Nope, what it will do is give you more chances to catch you intended target inside your pattern. If your goose hunting with “BB” shot, and shooting a 3″ magnum round with 1 1/8 ounce of steel (1500 fps), you have exactly 81 pellets (or 81 chances) to try to hit the goose in a vital spot (head or spine) at 30 yards with a modified choke your pattern will be roughly 30 inches. That is not a whole lot of chances to sneak one into something important. If you are shooting a 3 1/2″  1 5/8 ounce load of steel “BB’s” (1500 fps) your total number of pellets goes all the way up to 117 pellets, or 36 extra pellets, or almost 1/3 more chances to hit the vitals. I like those kind of odds. But it does very little for elongating your actual range, mostly due to the loss of velocity. If you want better long shot potential, the answer is really choke selection, shot shells that are created to keep the shot cup together for longer,(read flight control) and heavier shot.

As technology advances, and as people become more interested in the “outdoor lifestyle” we have a ton of new toys and tools at our disposal. So some of the old stand by rules just aren’t as set in stone as they used to be. But the fundamentals will never change, be smart, be respectful, be ethical, be a student of mother-nature, be an example, and most importantly pass it on. Without us teaching the correct way to the future generations of outdoorsmen our tradition, our responsibility,and our passion, will surely disappear. It won’t be that long until they are making the decisions that will govern this Country, lets raise them up right, and hope that they will do the same. Pass it on…

-Grant Willoughby 11/06/2016-