Completely Unfiltered?…

Were not talking hefeweizen, home-brew of even high-end organic cider vinegar… Were not talking about your creepy uncle that always wants to talk about “that one time he was stationed in Bangkok” when talking to a room full of second graders… Hell im not even talking about just being able to cater your conversation to match the company in a social gathering situation. I’m talking about a personal flaw that I have… It all came to a head many moons ago, in a meeting at the inception of what we have all come to know and love as “Post World Patriot“. It went a little something like this…

“Statistics show that people who read articles, watch videos or otherwise seek information want to be validated as to their choice’s when they choose to learn something… They want you to be an expert. Show them that you are an expert”. Anyone who has spent any amount of time with me knows that I strive to be a humble, simple man. In my eyes I can learn anything, from anyone, at any given point in time if I can only listen intently and have my B.S. filter cranked way up. I ain’t no damn fool, and I know the difference between piss down my back, and rain, but by the same token I have learned some pretty solid information, from some pretty unstable people. I dont command respect and attention paid, I feel that if you want information that I poses, you need only ask then listen to what I have to say. Here in lays my fault. I dont know everything, but I would say that I have a pretty wide wheelhouse (even saying that for me makes me feel pretty icky) when it comes to firearms, cartridges, and survival. I hear such a never-ending line of bullshit coming from some people’s mouths, that it becomes pretty hard to take at times, and being in my situation what am I to do? When standing at the ammo counter at a local gun shop just last weekend, I heard two fellas talking, “which ones should we get? Same ones as yesterday, or one of these other ones?” (they were looking at 5.56/.223 ammo by the way) Me being the person that I am say, “what are you shooting them out of?” (Valid question right?) “AR” was their only retort. “What rate of twist do you have on your barrel, different  twist rates will prefer different weights of bullets”. (Seems like im still trying to help these guys out right?) ” I don’t know, bought it here yesterday It’s a “D-somethin” put a scope on it, and it’s already the 2nd most accurate rifle I have. Shootin just under minute of angle no matter what I put in the magazine, and that’s just from bore-sighting it. My other rifle is a 6.5 Creedmore, bought it here last year, bore-sighted that one with a laser and was hitting steel chickens at 1000 yards in less than an hour, But that ammo is like $70 bucks a box when I reload it. This stuffs all just the same anyways!” “Anyone know who makes one of these “D-somethin” rifles? Del-Tron, Daniel Defense, Diamondback, Double Star, DPMS, DRD, DSArms, who knows, but hell they shoot everything and dont care what so ever. Just one hole. (Little known fact, unless you have a target that proves it, when you work behind a gun counter and a Dude claim’s one hole groups with anything at any distance, you immediately assume that they hit the target only once and missed the rest of times, and figures that he must have shot through the same hole every other time.) Nice guy me, just says, “sounds like you got one hell of a rifle, congrats” and my son and I walked away. I had had enough. 6.5 creedmore ammo was right behind him, average cost $24, even HSM ammo (which I highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t handload, Its great stuff and more accurate them most people are.) was only like 35 bucks,  LIES! I don’t care what caliber you shoot and who makes the rifle, a bullet isn’t a bullet, isn’t a bullet. Were not talking roses here! I have a buddy with a custom-built .375 ultra mag, he can (and has) shot prairie dogs out to over 300 yards with it, It wont even chamber Remington Ammunition. Not because Remington ammunition is by anyway sub-par, but because the ammo dimensions were just on the loose side of the dimension spectrum and the rifle is on the tighter side. AR rifles will shoot anything, but they don’t shoot everything well, and bore-sighting gets you on paper… at 25 yards! Sometimes a blind squirrel finds a nut, but let’s try to be honest here.

Maybe that should be my 3 week late, New Years resolution! You have heard of Project Filter, the website and program that gets people to quit smoking? Maybe I will just start my own called “Project Unfiltered”! (No I’m not going to try to get people to take up smoking.) I’ll make a group that helps people to eliminate their personal filters, for me it would be to create an ability to say “Hey Idiot, Your WRONG!”. Or “Hey dummy, in fact a .22 Hornet is not the best varmint caliber ever”! (I do love the hornet, and especially the K-Hornet), but it sure as hell isn’t a 22-250 or *GASP* the .220 SWIFT, were talking sharp sticks and light sabers for God’s sake. Maybe I will just chase down every butthole that tailgates my wife doing 35 in a 25 zone outside the school and give them a piece of my mind… That guy that you offer a beer to, and he says “I can’t drink (insert Budweiser or Coors), it gives me a headache” , I’ll just reply “it ain’t the first one that gives you a headache… it’s the 30th one. Dig around in your purse for a Midol, and ill try to find you some Zima’s!” How great would that be? But In all reality, I don’t think that is the correct recipe to build a better understanding of ourselves or each other, And we sure wouldn’t learn much. Maybe, once again, moderation is key… Anyone want to join my new therapy group “partially filtered”?

-Grant Willoughby  01/21/2018_

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