Way cheaper then therapy…

Remember back to a time when you didn’t have to stress about paying bills, a time where your only worry was a good time… Those times are not gone forever, we have just been taught to overlook them, disguised as youthful ignorance. Our perception of life has  been skewed by what we think we have to be in order to be considered “grown ups”… Well guess what, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Your “grown up” life gets in the way of your real life, monday thru friday is our punishment for what we like to do on the weekends. Tell me I’m wrong? Its impossible. If you had the choice to put in extra time at work, or take your family for an extra day of vacation which would you pick? if you could make an extra $25 on your paycheck, or have a barbecue with those you care about, crack a few cold beers, and eat like it was the last supper… Which would you choose?

Yesterday was one of the few occasions where the stars lined up and Kris, Nick and I were able to synchronize our watches and take a trip up into the woods and do a little shooting. Were talking full-blown redneck extravaganza, clay pigeons, shotguns, ar-15’s and dueling 45’s? My hands still smell like burnt powder… You know what? I may never wash them again! But more important than the rounds that we sent down range, was the time spent. Sure we burnt up a couple hundred dollars in ammo (seriously we weren’t messing around) Laughs were shared from the minute we started our voyage. From breakfast burritos from a women with sharpie applied eyebrows to possibly pre pm hour beers (no, I don’t drink and shoot. because Badger ordinance decided not to commercially build their tactical beverage retention system) a great time was had by all. Yeah I probably could have shot a little better, but by the same token that wasnt the point, it was all about enjoying a little trigger time and good friends always make good company, My sides are still aching… Then we had to load everything back up and return to civilization, and guess what happened? In the course of 7 hours, my whole mood had changed. Where I had been a little short in the morning with the boy, the wife and even the dogs,  when I returned home I had done a complete 180. How does that happen, and why do I always forget the remedy? When our stress levels start to climb there is almost always a correlation with the lack of time doing what we truly enjoy.

This year has been a different one for me, I never even pulled the tarp off of my camper, I fished twice, didn’t hunt all spring, went shooting once. You know what I did do? Get stressed, had a short temper, and to be completely honest, I became an asshole. Putting money in the bank account to sustain an existence, became more important than living the life that I have and being thankful for all the blessings. We all fall victim to adult-itis, and it is important to take care of business, but remember why you are doing it. You can’t take money to your grave, if it’s a decision of one more dollar in your bank account, or one more bedtime story that you get to read to your children and one more sit down dinner and goodnight kiss for the wife, I can just about guarantee what they will pick. Some say “you have to remember to stop and smell the flowers”, well flowers really aren’t my thing but I still understand the sentiment. Maybe we need to “stop and smell the powder” and take time to enjoy the life that we have worked so hard to create. Give yourself a “spiritual recharge” and remember what makes you happy. A Saturday morning and a couple of boxes of ammo can change your whole perspective, maybe even your life, hell its way cheaper than therapy…

-Grant Willoughby 9/24/2017-

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