Just Tap it in

If you have ever assembled a lower receiver you know all to well that the tiny pins under pressure from the springs have a tendency to come flying out at the most inopportune moments.

To assemble the rear takedown pin, you must put the pin and spring in under the End plate when assembling.

Now if you ever want to change that end plate, or for some other reason you are breaking your rifle down that far, that pin will come out at light speed at the first opportunity.  Chances are it will also get lost causing you to spend much more time looking for it than working on your rifle.

The best solution to this is to cut 1/8″ of that spring off, get yourself a 4-40 tap, some oil, and a tiny 1/8″ 4-40 allen set screw.

Only cut threads slightly deeper than 1/8″,  depress the spring and drive that little allen screw home.

Now no more chasing springs, you can change your end plate at your leisure, plus it looks sexy.  Don’t forget to tap your holes straight!  We will take no responsibility for crooked holes, broken taps, etc.



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