Oh, the places you’ll go…

First off, Happy Fathers Day! If you haven’t already noticed Post World Patriot is GROWING, and changes are on the horizon. With fresh blood and new ideas pumping down the veins, we are going balls out trying new things to become a better Peer-to-peer group that is always at your disposal. Big things are in the works, we promise, stay tuned for more to come…

If you have been reading our blogs for any amount of time, you have surely seen that our topics have changed. As times have gotten different, we too have tried to adapt our material in order to try and match what is going on. But we are the same ol’ guys that we have always been, probably a little caddy, probably a little blunt, but still there looking out for those who are a part of our online family. But let’s be honest, we can only be serious for so long, and if we combat our own humor, what do we really have? Our humanity is what relates us all! I have seen Kris walk like he is in mid-taser attack, I tried to put on Brad’s tactical belt (we couldn’t get it small enough to fit Kris’s waist, and I almost choked myself out trying to fit it around my head and arm). We are not every other gun/hunting/fishing/foraging/prepping/survival website. Why? Because we are like you, we have a passion for our lifestyles, we love to shoot guns, bows, bottle-rockets, cast fishing poles, dig up worms, and gold, and mushrooms, hike to mountain peaks looking for horns, critters, or just a pretty picture, get mud on the tires, and crack a cold one in front of a camp fire. ( I also really love to use commas and hyphens!) Plain and simple, we at PWP are 4 individuals who, coming from different walks of life, have found the same finish line. Each respectively, choosing different skill sets in order to succeed. (No I didn’t use the crickets to start the fire, Jiminy is for food, but it was my belly button lint. Now I could make one hell of a wood plough out of Pinocchio’s nose though) Yes we poke fun at each other, and mix metaphors as we deem fit. We have different ideas as to the perfect firearms (By the way I finally entered the realm of 1964 by buying my first AR-15, with Iron sight’s no less) But we all came together in our love and respect of what we do, and of our common mindset of whats important. If you have stayed with us this long you share those feelings too.  At PWP what we have to share is knowledge and experience. We we want to gain is the same… Knowledge and experience. Every day I put a priority on learning something that perpetuates the lifestyle that I choose to lead. The more that you search the interwebs, the more you realize that people have decided survival is a great way to make a living regurgitating information that may or may not be true in order to look like experts. I am here to tell you, true survival specialists are about one thing, surviving at all costs. Kris told me about another of his martial arts teachers who said (hopefully I don’t butcher this) “if you want to get good at something, find the person that is best at it, and learn from them” Why would you want to learn something by the person that is the worst at anything? Nobody wants to have the worst burger in town, or read the worst book ever written, how about watch the worst Atreyu cover ever? Nobody wants to do that. (seriously that cover is horrible) Find people who know their stuff, and you will find knowledge that you can put faith in. On our staff we have two AR-armorers, one Smith & Wesson armorer, 3 better than decent programmers, and over 80 years combined hunting, fishing, reloading, and foraging knowledge. When you surround yourself with credible sources, and share your own experience, you gain more than knowledge, you also gain experiences and friendships. Put it all on the table, joke with us. If you have a question throw it out there, if we dont know the answer, we will find it. If you have a skill we don’t, tell us about it. I personally want to learn, and im sure that others do too. Be a part of the solution, make us all better, and lets pull out of this nose dive that our society has gone into. Oh, the places we’ll go…

-Grant Willoughby 6/16/2017-

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