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According to current cell phone network providers, 72% of the population has a smart phone with internet service connected to it in the United states alone. When we had dial-up internet we would wait for 8 minutes to look at Encyclopedia Britannica so that we would have the chance to plagiarize something crudely and maybe get a B+ on that report that we were supposed to have done yesterday. Now within 3 seconds we can have a Wikipedia back up and be an expert right this very instant… Yet we still hear the same crap regurgitated over and over again. That may be fine for the greater part of the population, but not for us. If you (like myself) spend your days trying to fill your hat rack with real knowledge, then I’m sure that you too get tired of hearing the same false truths.

So I’m going to kick out a few fun facts that you may or may not know in hopes that when some bumbling wikipedidiot states trying to drop some serious knowledge on you, you can fire back, and have their thumbs working overtime to check your sources. 20121221-christmasstory

  • The Christmas Story would have been pretty lame if in the original story Ralphie would have asked for a wind mill! The company Daisy Outdoor Products sold windmills and gave a complementary BB guns with every purchase. The BB guns became so popular that they stopped selling windmills and started selling BB guns. (Yes I bought my son a red ryder BB gun for Christmas, and yes I was more excited about it then he was. But after he gets to be as old as I am, and after he has shot as many thousands of BB’s as I have, he will have a better understanding of why I was the one that wanted to bundle up and head outside to attempt to “shoot my eye out”.)
  • f112abebbd694a0c3e41ebbef42b4f10Bond was actually a Beretta man before he ever changed to the PPK. James Bond originally used a Beretta 418 until a fan of the novels (and small arms expert) told Ian Fleming that the Beretta was nothing more then a small semi auto preferred by ladies. Fleming (taking the hint, before he caught more flak) wrote a scene in Dr. No to detail the exchange and give Bond his Walther PPK (and Just think, if Bond hadn’t carried the Walther, we would only know the PPK as the gun that Killed Hitler (also a fact))
  • 39d0c26093c9e4c11ca3c22ad6a8377fThe (former) most interesting man in the world has a name…  Its actually Jonathan Goldsmith. (Ok so what the hell does that have to do with cool gun stuff?) Have you ever seen the movie “The Shootist” with John Wayne? Goldsmith is actually the bad guy who gets shot between the eyes by John Bernard “J.B.” Books (John Wayne)! If your not impressed by that, think about the fact that back then CGI was non-existent, so he was actually getting shot between the eyes (it took 7 takes) with a specially made pistol that fired blood pellets. If that isn’t a little bit scary to be on the receiving end of, I don’t know what is. I don’t always get shot in the face, but when I do, its always by The Duke. Stay armed my friends.
  • gaston-glock-circa-1988Glocks were designed to be shot left handed. No wait, the guy who invented the Glock originally made curtain rods… Wait, let me explain. Gaston Glock originally made curtain rods and knives for the The Austrian military, in 1980 he purchased a plastic injection molding machine to make handles and sheaths for the knives. He hired 4 employees (who had previously worked at a camera company, creating plastic parts) and ran the whole operation out of his garage. Upon hearing that the Austrian military would be in need of a new service pistol (replacing the Walther p38) He went to the drawing board. At 52 years old (and only 1 year after setting out to do so) he had created his first pistol, patented it, and got a contract for 220,000-something units.Good bye curtain rods, hello small arms manufacturer. Now to the Left handed part. What the Austrian military liked about the pistol was that it was durable, accurate, had ammunition capacity, and was ambidextrous. What they didn’t know was that while prototyping his pistol, he test fired all rounds in his basement, left handed, so just in case he experienced violent disassembly and catastrophic failure he would still be able to design right handed. I guess if I was gonna lose a hand I would choose my left one too.
  • hunting-meme-deerHunters have done more for the environment then any number of tree huggers ever have. Oh boy, just when you thought that my new years resolution would be to not piss off anyone who doesn’t share my beliefs, I use a derogatory word like “tree-hugger”. Hear me out… On September 2, 1937 Franklin D. Roosevelt put pen to paper on the “Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act” otherwise known as the Pittman-Robertson Act. To make a long story short, this act re-purposed an 11% excise tax on firearms and ammo that had formally gone to the U.S. Treasury, and distributed it to the Secretary of the Interior. The Secretary would then use a formula that takes into account the area of states, and the number of licensed hunters, then redistributes that money back to the states to help aid in the management of the animals and there habitat. It worked so well, that new laws have been written in to provide the same protection for fish and the waterways also. How much money are we talking about here? In the Last 50 years it has totaled over $2 billion dollars. Yet another reason why sportsmen are the biggest conservationist that there are.

-Grant Willoughby 01/07/2017-


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