127,872,000 Seconds….

127,872,000 seconds. That is how far your clocks have been set back. If you would rather hear it in other terms: 35,520 minutes,  or 1,480 days, or roughly 211 weeks. 4 months and 20 days. In 20 days we will have a new President of the United States.But this isn’t about him, it is about you, and I… We the People. Why then do I say that your clock has been set back 127,872,000 seconds,?

Whenever new leadership comes into office, there is always an uprising of sorts, no matter what the ballot count really is. Look at the election of 1800. John Adams vs Thomas Jefferson or should it have been Aaron Burr? Remember, Jefferson and Burr, were actually in a tie, and the House had to vote to figure out who would be the representative for the Republican Party. They dead locked and thus exposed a flaw in the early system of our young  nation (remember that the United States was shy of 4 years old at this time). Tempers flared and there was talks of disunion and civil war, even going as far as to have 2 states rise there militias and prepare to battle the Government if Jefferson didn’t win. Needless to say we were a work in progress, and in a lot of cases still are. Watch the news, look at the riots that are going on all over the country. We still have a lot of learning (and growing) to do.

Trump is not the answer to all of our questions, nor is Clinton the root of all our evils. Our candidates were just a living embodiment of there Nations people, 2 sides to the same coin. If you believe that Trump is going to be able to come in and completely fix our economy, eradicate the war on terror, and completely clean up our government in 4 years?.. Well, lets just say that we have been over-promised and under-delivered before. Do you really believe that Clinton could have outlawed all firearms, reclaimed them all and destroyed them all without a little resistance? All while single-handedly rebuilding the ozone layer, unionizing the whole United States, and providing LGBT equality and racial justice?.. I’m not saying that its impossible, but I would consider highly unlikely the biggest understatement in documented history. These are all problems that go deeper then one persons decisions.  Out of the 318,309,524 people who are currently living in the United States (as of 8:20 A.M. pst on December 31st, 2016) these were the 2 best candidates that we could muster? These were the best?  Really? We voted them in, that being said, that must be what we believe right? I think more so we came to a “T”, in the road and had to make a choice. We had to look past the people, and look at what the potential ramifications would be from our choices. We American’s (as a collective body) have become 10 ply toilet paper (soft), as opposed to making a stand, saying enough is enough and drawing a line in the sand, we hunker behind a figure that we believe will save us from ourselves. All the while forgetting that out future, our destiny, and our salvation is in our own hands and no one else’s.

In 127,872,000 Seconds… 35,520 minutes… 1,480 days… or 4 years and 20 days, where will you be? Remember 8 years ago? how about 4? The Obama administration? Were you running out to Cabelas to buy all the AR rifles and ammunition that you could find? Often times spending 2 or 3 times what retail cost were just so that you would have the opportunity to own something that you feared would become illegal. Were you scared? Did you feel helpless, and feel that you were not being represented? Right now your clock has been set back 4 years and 20 days. This is borrowed time, You have 1,480 days to prepare, not for the end of the world, but for the potential that our freedoms may once again be challenged. Do not fall victim to the scare tactics, but also don’t be blinded by time. Take an active stance about your future and your rights. Between now and then, if you get payed bi-weekly, you have roughly 105 paychecks that will come into your possession. If you alternate between rifle and pistol, and buy one box of ammunition every time you get payed, you will find that  you will have 52 boxes of one and 53 boxes of the other at the end of this time frame. That would be 1,040 rounds of rifle and 2,650 for your pistol. If you put away one dollar a day, you can afford that AR-15 that you always wanted. Were not talking that budget model that you don’t really want, but its the only one that you think you can afford. With $1,480 cash you put yourself in the market for a tricked out standard brand, or even something in the class of a Larue tactical or Daniel Defense. All for just $1 a day.  1,480 days works out to be 208 weekends, or 416 days that fall on the weekend. 416 opportunities to be outdoors, to be hunting, or fishing, or shooting. 416 opportunities to get someone new involved in your passions, and 416 chances to change someones mind about what gun-toting conservatives are really all about. Be apart of the solution, and quit being part of the flock, don’t succumb to the hysteria. We have the control, and we grant that power to them. We make the choices. 35,520 minutes and each one is precious. Spend them wisely, grow closer as a community, and tighter as a family. Use each moment to become informed about what is going on in your Country, and learn about the issues that may effect your life and livelihood. Take charge  of your destiny, and hold true to your values. Its your time, and the time is now, all 127,872,000 seconds of it.

Happy New Year.

-Grant Willoughby 12/31/2016-


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