Donnie you’re out of your element…

“If this is the way were going to act,I am not so sure that I want to be apart of our civilization any more.” This is a direct quote from me, and I say it almost daily. I could use this weeks blog to talk about “not so peaceful gatherings”, and “freedom of speech”… If you want to see that, leave a comment and maybe I can make it happen next week… or you can turn on any news channel, or look at any media sight… It’s all been done.

I want to talk about something that really pisses me off… Stupid, disrespectful, un-aware gun owners… Let me clarify that all my friends, own guns, carry guns, and fight for all of our rights to own guns. And knives, 4 wheel drive pick ups, compound bows, brush burners, American and Gadsden flags (always fly the latter lower, lets be respectful.). We on a daily basis strive to keep ourselves, (and in all reality, all of ya’ll) safe. That being said, people are really, and truly effin’ up! if you haven’t seen this video and read the story, here’s a link. Basically it’s a road rage incident in Oregon where two individuals felt so offended by poor driving decisions that they both pulled to the side of I-205 and had a confrontation, one driver returned to his suv, and grabbed his Glock 19 returned to the confrontation with it pointed at his own stomach no less, in a tactical “come to center, brandish (trying to look like a bad ass)”. he then walks back to his suv, and the confrontation is over… Or is it? A driver, (Russ Ceperich, who by the way, has a concealed carry permit and regularly carries) caught the whole thing on his smart phone and immediately posted it to facebook, he then called 911, stating that the whole situation just was “way out of line”. Hell yes it was way out of line!

This is just one example, if you type “gun involved road rage incident” into the Yahoo search you will literally get 3,890,000 results. That is ridiculous. People are getting so upset about how others drive, that they are willing to risk life and limb, pull off to the side of the road, confront a driver and possible draw a firearm in order to prove a point. This really sickens me for two separate reasons:

First of all: If you think someone is driving poorly, write down there license plate number and call the cops. You are not a cop, you don’t have any authority, and its not your job. I know its frustrating to have someone tailgate you, but you have choices. I was blessed to have grown up in a household where my Dad fixed cars that were broken because people had accidents (or made bad decisions). In so I learned very early to drive safely, and to be very aware of those around me. The down side of that is that I tend to drive a little more on the “old man” side of the tracks. I drive the speed limit, if i get tail gated, I pull over in the next wide spot and let them pass. I refuse to put myself in a situation where I am going to drive unsafely because of those around me. This is a daily occurrence on one lane roads, some people refuse to abide the speed limit, and just don’t have the time to get where there going in a timely matter, I just let them pass, and forget that they even exist. (In fact, if they end up in the ditch 1/2 mile up the road, I won’t even feel obligated to stop and pull them out, that is how good I am at forgetting about them. ūüėČ )

So if you are placed in a situation where potentially you will be involved in a road rage situation, what should you do? I guess that just depends on which car your in. If you accidentally run a stop sign or cut someone off, do what I do, Act surprised (it shouldn’t be hard. If it was truly an accident you will be surprised.) Then wave and mouth the words “I’m Sorry”, 99 times out of a hundred, the other person will acknowledge the statement, and even if they are not happy about it, they will let it go. That’s pretty simple and effective. On that one random time where someone won’t let it go, what do you do? Do nothing. By no means, pull over and get in a gun fight about a blown red light. That even sounds stupid just to say. Keep on about your day, and try not to make the same mistake next¬†time. obladi oblada¬†life goes on. But what about if you are in the car where someone else is driving recklessly? You have all the power, LET IT GO! You will gain nothing from a face to face confrontation, even if you are right,¬†your loss will be much heavier then your gain.

This brings me to the second thing that pisses me off about the whole situation: Why the hell do you draw a gun? At any given moment, I have a sidearm, an extra magazine or two, as well as a couple knives on me. To quote the title of chapter 8 in Uncle Ted Nugent’s book ‘God, Guns, and Rock n’Roll’ “Wanna go to a knife and gun show? I’ll open my jacket”,But that’s beside the point.¬†I have never in my life been forced to draw my sidearm, or my knife in anger, ever! Why? Because it¬†isn’t the right thing to do.¬†There is a time and place to draw that line in the sand, and stand your ground,¬†I just don’t think a California rolling stop on a stop sign is that time.¬†This goes way beyond “tactical carry” “castle doctrine” or any of that, It goes back to hunters education, and firearms lessons from our¬†Father’s that ¬†we were taught at a young age. “You never point a firearm¬†at anything that your are not willing to destroy.” You remember that lesson don’t you? Is tail-gating worth someone’s life, and more so, is tail-gating worth taking away someones father,child or husband? ¬†I don’t think so. Furthermore, when you go about your daily life, living in a responsible way, being accountable for your own actions, and making the decision to carry some form of protection (I.E. Knife, Gun, ASP, martial arts training, taser or pepper spray.) you HAVE to carry yourself with a different¬†demeanor. You cannot act/react recklessly, You must become the “eye of the storm” let the world¬†spin in a crazy rage, but be calm in the center of it all. If we¬†care about keeping our rights, we¬†must be prime examples of why we deserve them. Step back from potentially dangerous situations, take a deep breath and calm down, don’t take yourself out of your element, act accordingly, and do what you KNOW is right. You represent me, and I you. I take that very seriously. Don’t let your ego fuel a fire that cannot be put out.

-Grant Willoughby 9/24/2016-



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