There are 2 sides to every coin…

Did you hear that we are Youtube sensation? Just click “HERE” and you can watch our latest video. It’s in the working to try to put out A LOT more videos for ya’ll, just a matter of deciding on content and what people want to see, or hear about (*HINT, HINT*) But I figured since it is the first video that all three of us have been I may as well answer some questions that you might have about us…

1.Yes, somehow we all look to be the same height on camera. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft video editing program that Kris has on his computer, but somehow we all ended up the same height. If you don’t believe me, come on out to the gunshow at the greyhound park on October 1st-2nd, say “Hi”and bring a tape measure if you want proof for yourself.

2. Yes, Kris is actually a ninja. Ok, well I haven’t seen his split toe jika-tabi ninja boots in person, but I feel that I can probably make the assumption. (You know what happens when you ass-u-me right…) But in all reality, Kris is SUPER educated on the use of all weapons, especially anything with blades, in fact I believe him to more comfortable with a bladed weapon in his hand  then he is with a firearm. (Which says a lot for a guy who regularly shoots hand -thrown clay targets out of the air… With a pistol no-less!)

3. Yes, Brad is what it would look like if you could somehow create a living being from 2 television shows… Sons of Anarchy and Vikings, (the best parts of both shows of coarse) . We joke constantly during planning for PWP about how we could not have planned a better trifecta of different demographics, we have a ninja, a biker, and a redneck… If we could find a construction worker we could spotlight as the village people in a pinch.

4. I am not Eric from Moss Pawn and Gun (Iraqveteran8888 on youtube.) There are some subtle differences: He has glasses, I have contacts. He lives in Georgia, and I live in North Idaho. He has people who like, share, subscribe and leave comments on his website, and youtube channel… and, well… were working on it.


What I really wanted to write about today is how the internet is dumb… sort of. If you watch our videos or read our blogs you see that we take a fairly light hearted approach to just about everything except  gun safety, we joke and laugh as much as humanly possible. But, we use facts to justify our ideas and beliefs. If its an opinion, we state that it is “our opinion” and if it is proof we state that “it has been proven that…” In the old days, (I’m not talking dial up internet here, I’m  talking buying firearms at hardware stores kind of old)  you had to rely on the opinion and experience of an actual person to help you make an educated decision about firearms. Now you can go onto any forum and have 10 million “experts” tell you everything that you have never knew about guns. Does it not scare you that people are potentially making life changing personal protection choices based upon  the opinion of “kittylover2121”? it scares the hell out of me. Yes there are some good forums, with some super knowledgeable contributors, and for those that are willing to share there actual “knowledge” with a person that is in need, I commend you.  But if you have spent any amount of time, on any number of forums, you will find yourself walking away either disgusted or with sore sides from laughing so hard.  The same can be said for  for just about any website that has product reviews by editors. If your looking for reviews based on opinions they are great, but you have to take them as that, “Opinions”. If you go to a 1911 forum (or a site that’s editors are 1911 aficionados) they will have you believing that a Glock is a worthless plastic pile, ranking just slightly lower then a shovel for personal defense.  That is opinion, and potentially harmful to a new shooter. Everyone knows that as reliability goes it is EXTREMELY hard to beat a Glock, they will shoot just about anything and are very user friendly. I personally (opinion) don’t shoot a Glock well, not because its plastic (remember that I carry a “plastic” M&P45C) but because the grip angle makes me have to shift my wrist angle in order to focus on the front site. One forum would tell me that “that is the exact reason why Glocks are garbage, they force you to relearn there system. Yeah you can change the sights, or the trigger. But you can’t do anything about the grip.” Forum number 2 would say “Glock spent a ton of time (and money) in research and development to create the perfect grip that makes the pistol “point” correctly, the reason why you are having to adjust your grip is because you have been holding a pistol wrong all along”. Well what the hell man? Am I right or wrong? I guess it depends on which set of “facts” (read opinions) I decide to believe in. I believe that both forums are wrong for 2 simple reasons, first they didn’t preface there statements with “my opinion” and secondly because neither one gave the right answer. The “fact” is that if you don’t like the way that a pistol fits your hand, you don’t have to buy that pistol. There aren’t only 2 manufacturers, and there isn’t a right and wrong answer. If your hand likes an X D, by all means buy one. If there wasn’t a need for more then 2 different styles of pistols, manufacturers wouldn’t make them. And that is a “Fact”.

The other side to that coin is that there is a lot of awesome information on the internet, that will provide you with facts.  Spec sheets and available models are at your fingertips. If you like the way that a Colt commander fits your hand, but you dislike the way that the Glock 21 does because the grip width is too thick, you can find all critical dimensions for both firearms within minutes. With that information, and the want to do a little poking around on the web, more then likely you will be able to find a model that fits your hand someplace in between. The other thing that the computer provides you with is “proof”. Proof is what turns “opinion” into “fact”. My “opinion” is that if you had only one rifle, a .300 win mag would be a better choice then a 30-06 Springfield. When searching for “proof”  I use website’s like Hornady’s ballistic calculator, to establish the differences between the 2 rounds external ballistic’s. This allows me to compare and contrast the available ammo and flight trajectory’s. Then I use the Nikon Spot-on site to experiment with different sighting schemes to see at what range I should sight in, and at what ranges those caliber’s will be effective. The “fact” explained with “proof” plainly states that anything an 06 can do, a .300 can do better and farther. Does that make it a better rifle? Well I’m grown up enough to say that’s a matter of “opinion”.

But even I want a little humor on occasion, and I will peruse the forums looking for some off the wall reviews or statements, be they made up intentionally to provoke a laugh, or just horrible examples of mis-information, I just can’t get enough. I ran into these gun rules on a forum last week. Neither PWP or myself advocate any kind of  unsafe handling of firearms what-so-ever, but these were too awesome (and totally fake) not to share with you guys. I advise you to take anything written online with a grain of salt and recognize it for exactly what it is. Opinion. And when all else fails, find something to laugh at, and share it with us. Who couldn’t use a good laugh right? Enjoy.

Top Ten Gun Safety Tips
10. Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, such as at a Hippy or a Communist.

9. Dumb children might get a hold of your guns and shoot each other. If your children are dumb, put them up for adoption to protect your guns.

8. No matter how responsible he seems, never give your gun to a monkey.

7. If guns make you nervous, drink a bottle of whiskey before heading to the range.

6. While un-holstering your weapon, it’s customary to say “Excuse me while I whip this out.”

5. Don’t load your gun unless you are ready to shoot something or are just feeling generally angry.

4. If your gun misfires, never look down the barrel to inspect it.

3. Never use your gun to pistol whip someone. That could mar the finish.

2. No matter how excited you are about buying your first gun, do not run around yelling “I have a gun! I have a gun!”

1. And the most important rule of gun safety: Don’t piss me off.

-Grant Willoughby 8/07/2016=


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