Who the hell are you, and why do you get to call the shots?…

Well lets get right to the meat and taters of it all I guess. When I write these blogs, I usually just get an idea going and type it out as it hits my brain…(Maybe if I had finished my 2 years of junior college I wouldn’t have had to use google to remember that this is called”free writing”) Those that know me on a personal level know that this is also the way that I speak. Brain-to-mouth, but I also spend a lot of time thinking about things, so that once my mental dump-gate opens I don’t just blabber out nonsense and gibberish (hopefully). I like to walk out into the world with my mental magazine topped up, and one in the pipe, and I’m not a big fan of safeties. I think (well I hope actually) that those that I surround myself with appreciate that about me, I will vouch for whatever I have done, I will deny anything that I have not, I will be as informed and knowledgeable as I can possibly be, and if asked for my opinion, I will let-er-rip tater-chip. Because That is what I would want those around me to do. I respect others opinions, knowledge, and wisdom. But as for me, it is very hard to let someone else be my voice.

If you think about the way that our government works, I am pretty sure that you know what I am getting at. We elect officials to be “our voice” and cast “our votes”, But how well do we actually know, and more importantly, how much do we actually trust them to be our voices? By casting our ballets, we are electing someone to a position of power, and granting them the ability to do what ever they want, and say they did it for the betterment of us. Holy-balls man, think about that for a minute. You fill in a couple circles on a piece of paper, and “voila” now you left your future, and all of your choices in the hands of someone else. That pretty scary stuff if you ask me…  But that is our political process, our forefathers believed that  the “voice of the people” should be heard, and that democracy must be protected at all cost. This belief and practice is something that we as Americans have the privilege to participate in, and most of the world does not. Not only does the world hate us because we are outspoken and patriotic, but because we have the ability to control our own destiny. Ain’t America Great!

If you look at my home state of Idaho, and the elected officials that we have had,  most have fulfilled my expectations pretty well. For example, our Senators are  Mike Crapo, and Jim Risch, Both are  pro-gun freedom, and take a pretty conservative stance on most issues. Risch has been classified as a bully of sorts for the way that he is a man of action and results. Is that a bad thing? Who knows for sure, but I know that if its my tax dollars that are going to be spent, I would like something to come out of it.  Crapo has had his fair share of not so picture perfect moments (DUI 2012) but he has worked hard for gun rights, not only in Idaho but also nationwide (On April 17, 2013, Crapo voted against the bipartisan Toomey-Manchin Gun Control Amendment, which would expand federal background checks to include gun shows and online sales, while exempting private sales between individuals. Despite receiving majority support, the amendment failed to garner the 60 votes necessary to overcome a filibuster.”) I can tip my hat to his thought process and his forward thinking. Do I think he is right all of the time? that’s a firm no, but does he vote the way that I would on issues that I am concerned about? For the most part, I would say so. Idaho’s Governor is Butch Otter he has also had a few run in’s with the law (DUI  August 1992,  which he gave enough excuses to bore just about any ISP officer. Claiming that he swerved because his cowboy had been blown off by the wind, Then claimed that he had ran 8 miles and his knees were sore, the gravel and weeds were stinging his stocking feet, he was hungry, and his breath only smelled like booze because he soaks his chew in Jack Daniel’s… Still got a DUI, But Holy crap man does that sound like a cowboy or what?) But good ol’ Butch learned his lesson and has worked hard for Idaho. He has identified problems (federally protected wolves decimating elk populations) and found solutions that not only take care of those problems, but also bring more revenue into the state (restricted wolf hunting tags) . Governor Otter has also cast his votes on behalf of the second amendment. He has written into law such acts as sb.1254 which grants certain individuals the ability to carry on the grounds of state colleges and universities. Senate Bill 1332 which according to Butch, “I signed it into law as a way of protecting our Second Amendment rights under the United States Constitution and indemnifying Idaho law enforcement officials from enforcing federal firearms or ammunition restrictions that conflict with Section 11, Article I of the Idaho Constitution”. Bravo to you Sir. But more then both of these bills, the one that Governor Otter is most known for (and most respected for enacting) is House bill 301 which enables Idaho residents  over the age of 21 to legally carry without a CCW permit. The justification is that anyone who can legally own a firearm, should have the ability to carry it and protect themselves. Now that’s something that I can stand behind wholeheartedly, even though I already posses a Idaho concealed carry permit.

So this is what I ask of you, be cognitive and diligent as you cast your votes. Learn about who you are voting for and what they represent before you fill in that bubble. Don’t vote for someone because they have a “D” or a “R” as there political designation, vote for them because they represent and follow through on issues that concern you. Do your research and be well informed. More so then anything, know who is making your choices, and make damn sure that there representing you, there voice should be your voice, if its not, write a letter or make a phone call. Express your feelings and concerns. That is your right, and this is your freedom. You are there boss, not vise versa. The stand that you make today, is what preserves the foundations of freedom for tomorrow.

-Grant Willoughby 6/19/2016-


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