Don’t be a Fudd…

It’s getting close to that time of year again where we all have to sack up and pretend like were taking standardized testing… Otherwise known as the elections. Yeah we have a few months to go before the Electoral College decides who will be our next President,  and the local news channel tells us how important our vote is. (Even if the race is decided before the polls close, or before you get there. Step up to the box and vote for whomever you want. Its a freedom and right that we have, You might as well express it, and even if its not worth what it use to be, it still is something that we should stand up for.) But were not going to talk politics today, were going to talk about peoples character (sometimes including politicians). So what is a “Fudd” and why don’t you want to be one? A “Fudd” as they are sometime referred to is a  person who is a sporting gun type,  that has no care for gun rights except to what we  refer to as “hunting guns”. (Iraqveteran8888 does an awesome video about the subject.) So why don’t you  want to be one you may ask? Because you don’t! Ok maybe I need to elaborate a little bit upon that. Gun rights are rights (I know it sounds like a steak sauce ad, but hear me out.) Whenever one of our rights gets infringed upon it shows that there is a “chink in our armor”. As one right goes away, it opens the door for others. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution states that “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” I am no English major, and I have never been mistaken for one, But as I read that I don’t see anything talking about only side-by-side shotguns and 30-06 bolt action rifles. Given there are rules in place that make the ownership of “Class III Weapons”  only lawful through the purchase of tax stamps. But we’re not talking about those, that is another topic, for another day.

So why does it matter if they outlaw “black rifles” or “semi-automatic high capacity pistols”? Well it all comes down to the good ol’ law of averages. (Anyone who knows me knows that many-a-long winded rant has been based upon “the Law of averages”) The law of averages pretty much states that if you take a sample of anything on a small scale, it usually equates to growth in relation to the sample amount. (If one in three people like chocolate chip cookies, then that would mean that 100 in 300 do too… or 1000 in 3000… or 1/3 of the world. The other basis that is often used is the old “if-then statement”, you probably remember it from junior high geometry class. An if-then statement is simply the “proof” for a hypothesis followed by a conclusion. So for example we could say “If Bob practices with his bow, then Bob will become a good shot”… Mind you, statistics, numbers and proofs, contrary to popular belief, can and will lie. It all just depends on the point that you are trying to get across). So how does that relate to banning certain kinds of firearms? Well if you look at the number of mass shootings that have came about. What weapons have been the main ones carried by lunatics that have no respect for life? Well Glocks and AR-15s of course. What weapons do the police carry in most towns in America? Same weapons. What about our military?  The use a Beretta M9 as there side arm of choice for the most part, but they use The  M4 carbine (AR-15 lineage) as there long gun. So if we  look at this in a “law of averages” sense, we would say if there is a mass shooting tragedy   an AR-15 rifle and some sort of “high capacity pistol” will be used. If we look at it as an “if-then statement”, it might say that “if you have an AR-15 and a so called “high capacity Pistol”, then you will be involved in some sort of mass shooting, or you are  law enforcement or military”. Obviously Both these statements are horribly flawed. But in the public eye, where all they know about most events is what the news force-feeds them, this is what they believe to be truth. The same can be said for some politicians. In their mind “high capacity  weapons of destruction intended to kill people, should have no place in the public’s hands”. You and I both know that statement has no credibility. But lets look at why, by breaking it down a bit. First of all, what makes a high capacity weapon more likely to injure or kill someone then something of normal capacity? The State of California has its own gun laws, and defines “a high-capacity magazine” as 10 rounds or more. Lets look at a couple historical firearms that comply with that classification. The Luger P-08,  and the Colt M1911. Both of these firearms have  what would be deemed a “safe and sane” number of cartridges in there magazine, 8 and 7 respectively. But if you look back at each firearms history, especially where and what they were used for, its pretty simple to see that more ammunition does not constitute a more proficient firearm… Secondly, “weapons of destruction intended to kill people”, is just a media inspired buzzword string used to evoke emotion in bleeding hearts.Yes any weapon, can and does have the potential to cause serious injury and potential loss of life. But a weapon, just like any other tool, is governed by intent. To quote the Motor City Madman himself, Ted Nugent, “If guns cause crime, all of mine are defective.”

So what happens if we let the  “evil black assault rifles” and the “high capacity semi-automatic pistols” get ban? Well first of all, WE FAIL. Not only ourselves, but also our Forefathers. And you can bet your last dollar, if they do get banned, more firearms will follow. In all reality what is the difference between your AR and a Mini-14? What about  your Browning  Bar hunting rifle? Or for that matter you Benelli super black eagle shotgun?  If your Glock 17 gets ban because it has 17 rounds in the magazine, what will they (the law makers) deem that a safe number is? Will it be 10? or 8?  Or will the semi-automatic handgun become illegal all together. Then will it be your revolver that gets fazed out? The point is, allowing our Constitution to get “reworked” shows that it is not only possible for the foundation of our freedoms to be taken away, it also condones it.If you have a dog that begs at the table, and you don’t correct that action, you are condoning that behavior. It may start with guns, but where will it end. Taxes, Religion, Free Speech, The right to vote… Its a pretty scary thought if you ask me. So Don’t be a “Fudd”, and stand up for ALL of your rights, these are OUR freedoms.. Remember what happens when one opens  Pandora’s box

-Grant Willoughby 5/22/2016-


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