Drink, Plink and Ink locally.

As we all go about our day to day lives, we realize that we have become outsourced. I know you hate it, but its true. Right now I am wearing, a shirt and shoes from China, undies from Bangladesh, and a pair of shorts from Viet-friggen-nam man. I can’t help that, I (as most of you) am on a limited income. I would love to have only things that were built here in America. But (like most of you) I can’t afford to feed my family, keep a roof over my head, keep the truck on the optimist side of E, and buy only products made in the greatest nation in the world at the same time. So what do we do? Like I have said before, I worked at a large retail outdoor store in my past, and one of the things that they instilled in me was “The World of Wants”, its the things that you splurge on. People don’t buy a second (or third… or 7th hunting rifle or fishing rod) because we “need” them, But because we want them. You don’t go out to breakfast because you can’t cook… It’s because you want to have someone else do it, and you want to try something different. It’s a treat, Its a commodity. As you may have noticed, there are a few of us in the Postworld Patriot Nation that have tattoos. No we haven’t been to prison, and no we weren’t in the navy circa  World War 2, we didn’t even get them on a bet. They are simply images, with meanings, that we are proud enough to say that we would like to have forever (try saying that about your first VHS video camera, your first boy/girlfriend or your iPhone). They are wants, not needs.

So what do my tattoos and my collection of hunting rifles have to do with being outsourced? Well here is how I see it: If I cannot control everything, I will choose the issues that I can control, and control them. If you look at your life, it is split between wants and needs.  You don’t have a lot of say when it comes to your needs, or for that matter, where you get them from. Your water company may be completely anti-gun, Anti-hunting, anti-whatever, you still have to have water, and in most places (unless you truck your own water in) you are stuck with whatever company has the water contract in your area. Same goes for your electricity and natural gas. Its pretty lame but it tends to be that way no matter where you live. These are items that you “need” in order to live a relatively normal existence. Your wants on the other hand, are prime candidates for making a conscious decision to think local and support those who share your belief system. If you (like myself) care deeply about you firearm rights, why would you “choose” to spend your hard earned money someplace that chooses to be anti-gun? (I understand that some places are weapon free zones, Banks, Schools, Federal buildings etc. But those fall back into the “need” category.)   I recently found a website called Friend or Foe where people list different establishments, if they are a “firearm Free zones” and what there experience has been with open carry. For example, Chili’s in the Northtown mall is a “Gun Free Zone”, guess where i’m not going to lunch? I not going to support someone who doesn’t support my rights.. On the other hand Dueling Irons in Post Falls is not only gun friendly, they actually give anyone open carrying a 20% discount on there meal. Not only will I eat there, I will tell everyone that will listen about it.  Feeling a little parched? Mad Bomber Brewing Co. in Hayden was started by 3 men that fought for our freedoms in Afghanistan. That is something that I personally can stand behind.  Even though it takes a little more work, and sometimes a little more money, I feel that its my responsibility to know where my money is going, and who the people are that are getting it. If I was looking for  a custom hunting rifle, I would not hesitate for one moment to purchase a Whaley Precision Rifle.  He served in our Military, and he builds rifles that shoot amazingly.  Plus he is from here, and staying here. If I feel the “want “to get a new tattoo, I know that I can stop in and see Zach Gallegos at Hindsight Tattoo Gallery or the guys over at Inksmith Custom tattoo, I can walk in carrying and neither shop will bat an eye. They are like us.  They support our freedoms, and in so I will support them.

It doesn’t matter what your wants are, I’m sure that if you do a little research, you will be able to find someone who can supply them that has the same values as yourself. If you go out to dinner and get weird looks because you are carrying, or tattooed, or wearing camo, or whatever the case may be, don’t go back, and tell others about it. We may not be able to change the price of gas, or who supplies our water, But maybe we can get back to a time where we were at least a little self-sufficient. Where by supporting the good guys in our community, we are actually perpetuation our own livelihoods. Where we knew who had the best gun prices in town, because we stopped in and shared a cup of coffee at the shop, and knew the owner by first name, maybe even grew up with him. We could walk in and actually lay a hand on the cut checkering, and work the bolt, not just look at a picture and read reviews. Yeah it may cost a few more dollars to fulfill our wants locally, but if you think about all the money that you wont be spending at Chili’s and Starbucks, I think it pretty much breaks even.

-Grant Willoughby 5/8/2016-


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