March 2016 Newsletter

Thoughts from Post World Patriot….

This year is already blowing by, spring has all but sprung and the weather is beginning to get perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and foraging. Foraging is fun for the whole family and is an excellent time to get out and enjoy nature. It’s a great time to practice, hone or learn new survival skills. It’s also a perfect time to teach friends or family. If you have any tips, tricks or questions feel free to contact us at, or on our forums at We look forward to any questions or comments.

Post World Patriot News

March 11th and 12th we attended a 2 day AR Armorer course at Center Target Sports in Post Falls, Idaho. It was a comprehensive course on the AR15/M16 rifle. We received an in-depth understanding on all parts, components and maintenance of the AR system, assembly, tear-down, repair, diagnosis and maintenance of the AR15/M16 platform.  We are now certified Armorers and are able to answer questions pertaining to these rifles and help troubleshoot any issues.

AR Armorer services


5 Prepping Tips

Test yourself and your skills. Just like anything else, it becomes easier with practice. Hone those skills; teach friends, family or children as well. Sharing knowledge is what we promote at PWP.
Having a bug out or caches is great, but it is also important to keep survival/first aid items in your vehicles as well. You never know when any kind of situation could arise, always be prepared.
Water storage is one thing, but you must also think of ways to clean water as well. There are many methods in procuring drinking water and the more you learn, the easier it will be to have fresh drinking water when needed.
Learn what native plants, berries and fungi are in your surrounding area. This not only will give you a break from eating the same thing, but it will also not deplete your food stores as quickly.
Have multiple plans in place in case of an emergency.  Have alternatives should your original plan not work. It’s like how I spoke of multiple caches and not storing all your preps at one location. Should one plan not work out you will always have options.

2nd Amendment news

Congratulations Idaho! Just in case you haven’t turned on the television, picked up a newspaper or logged onto social media in the last few days, Idaho has become the 10th state to pass permit-less concealed carry. Governor Butch Otter signed it into law on Thursday, March 24th. This now allows persons the age of 21 and older to concealed carry their firearm without a permit, as long as you have not had your rights revoked. We strongly advise anyone choosing to exercise their right to also get the proper training and gear. It is also absolutely critical to know your laws and to know where you can and cannot legally carry your firearm. Being responsible and safe should always be on your mind. This is a great responsibility and should not be taken lightly; this law will not come into effect until July 1, 2016. It is for Idaho residents only, people visiting Idaho will still need to have the proper paperwork to carry concealed.

Firearm Tip

Training with your firearm is very important. Before long it all starts becoming muscle memory. Even if you are unable to go to the range periodically, there are dry firing and draw exercises that you can do at home. I’ve spent countless hours doing dry fire practice while watching television. Keep practicing and you will see improvement. This can save your life.

Feel free to contact us with any question or comments! We enjoy feedback and look forward to talking to you.


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