February 2016 Newsletter

Thoughts from Post World Patriot….

It’s mid February and it’s beginning to look like spring is here in full effect, at least on the west coast anyway. Lots of moisture combined with climbing temperatures means one thing…. Mushroom season is upon us! Between getting ready for mushrooms and scavenging the woods for antlers it should be an exciting spring. A side note to all you foragers out there; be sure that when going out and about that it’s a great idea to not only let others know where you intend to go, but it’s also a great time to take someone with you. This can be a great opportunity for quality time with loved ones since Mother Nature has an extremely calming and stress reducing effect. It’s also a great way to get your children disconnected from all of the technology that is being constantly crammed down their throats. Learning to be self sufficient is an absolute must especially as we are becoming more and more technologically dependent. Always be prepared for as much as humanly possible while you are out and about and make sure to pack accordingly. Methods to start fire or filter water should always be a staple that you bring with you. Tell us what you pack with you on outings and let’s get some discussions going, you never know what kind of tips, tricks or gear could actually save someone’s life should they get stranded, lost or in any kind of life threatening scenario. Be sure to post any insight you want to share on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/PostWorldPatriot or on our forums at www.PostWorldPatriot.com/forums. We are also available to answer any questions at either one of those links to the best of our ability. We look forward to your questions and comments. .


Post World Patriot News

Earlier this month we released our new shirt design, the “We the People” shirt is quickly becoming a top seller!

we the people we the people t shirt

This Sunday, February 21st, we will be at the St. Maries gun show in St Maries Idaho. This will be another great event and a great chance to pick up any supplies you may need. We will also be there on hand to answer any questions and as always, we will have shirts, decals and memberships available at the show. Stop in and see us. If you are unable to attend, all our products are obtainable online at www.PostWorldPatriot.com/products.



5 Prepping Tips

  1. Don’t only store canned foods for your preps. Not only do canned foods contain large amounts of sodium but you need to diversify your diet. You will need to have canned, dried, and freeze dried food available.

2. Don’t put all your preps in one place. Your entire food storage   could get wiped out in the blink of an eye. Keep caches in the area you live or intend to go. There is much more to prepping than what you have in storage.

3. Prepping isn’t only about food and water. Training in everything from survival, shelter, first aid, foraging, self defense, etc is equally as important. There is a reason why they are called life skills!

4. Don’t be the only prepper in your house hold. Not only is it a great bonding experience with family or friends but tasks are often more easily accomplished with other like minded individuals.

5. Don’t assume that weapons and ammo are going to keep you safe. Don’t get me wrong, the ability to defend oneself is crucial, but confrontation should be avoided at all costs. Learn how to be stealthy and avoid drawing attention to yourself.


2nd Amendment news

The election of 2016 is undoubtedly going to be an extremely important election when it comes to our 2nd amendment rights. Be sure that your candidate has your best interests in mind. Keep up on your local legislature as well. The only way to help ensure our rights is to become and stay active.


Firearm Tip

A quality firearm is a must, however so is a quality holster and gun belt should you choose to carry open or concealed. A good fitting holster should not only be comfortable but it must be functional. Believe me, I have been through many holsters and if they are uncomfortable keep trying other options. While carrying a firearm if you experience discomfort, it will only be a matter of time before you begin carrying it less and less. A rigid gun belt will also help tremendously on carrying a pistol. It not only supports the weight of the firearm and spreads it out, but the belts you buy at any clothing store or online just don’t come close to the quality. It only took me about a half dozen cheap belts to figure this one out.


Feel free to contact us with any question or comments! We enjoy feedback and look forward to talking to you.


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