January 2016 Newsletter

January 17, 2016

Thoughts from Post World Patriot….

As we all know 2016 will be a very important year for our rights. We all need to take into consideration, regardless of our political preference, if our candidate truly has our best interests at heart.  After watching the state of the union address, it is apparent we need someone that is not just a good speaker, but also takes into consideration what we are telling them.  The presidential election used to be about the best man for the job but has since been turned into nothing more than a popularity contest.  Just a little food for thought, plus there is no harm in going out there and letting your voice be heard.  It looks like POTUS has been hard at work putting together more “common sense” gun laws.  Are we the only ones that find this term demeaning?  Do they honestly believe that we lack common sense and that executive action must be taken for the “greater good?”   Whatever your stance may be, we would love to hear it and look forward to your comments and/or questions! You can comment on our Facebook thread, our forum at www.PostWorldPatriot.com/forums  or email us at PostWorldPatriot@gmail.com. If you want to submit a question or comment for us to post or answer, just email us and we will keep your anonymity.


Post World Patriot News


We recently attended and set up our booth at the Coeur D Alene gun show and met and talked with a lot of people.  Many showed a lot of interest in what we are doing.   We also released some new decals that are available online for purchase as well at www.PostWorldPatriot.com/products .  A new design for a tee shirt is in the works and will be posted on the website and Facebook soon! We just lined up a table for the St Maries gun show on February 21st! In the near future we are also looking to have a range day and set up a tactical course which we all can enjoy! We would also like input on what you would like to see or even content you have filmed yourself.


5 Prepping Tips


  1. First and foremost, don’t spend beyond your means. Don’t rush out and buy all your supplies on credit, instead look for ways to lower your bills leaving left over income for preps!
  2. Don’t forget you will need somewhere that is preferably dark, cool, and dry for best results. Sturdy shelves are also essential for your supplies.
  3. Food and water are not the only things you need to prep. You will also need to remember hygiene and sanitation. Staying clean and sanitary is very important to survival especially if medications aren’t readily available.
  4. Do not store water in old containers such as empty milk jugs. Not only are they hard to get completely clean but they also tend to break down. There is some truth behind the old adage there is a tool for every job!
  5. Stay in shape. That being said, I know round is a shape but will not help you in a survival scenario. Hiking and walking will be very useful should you ever need it; there is no drive thru for prepping supplies!



2nd Amendment news


As some of you may have seen, president Obama is taking action on our 2nd amendment rights! If you haven’t yet, you need to become informed on what is taking place. Like we mentioned before, please make sure any candidate you choose has your best interests at heart.  We are curious on how these new actions will take place.  Please tell us your thoughts.


Firearm Tip


Self-defense ammo is a must should you choose to exercise your right to carry.  Be sure that you practice with your weapon often.  Also it is extremely important to make sure to take some of your chosen self-defense ammo to the range with you and be certain that your firearm will cycle with that ammo.  We know it isn’t cheap to practice with defense rounds, but it’s not an ideal time to find out your firearm wont function with that ammo when you need it the most!


Feel free to contact us with any question or comments! We enjoy feedback and look forward to talking to you.




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